Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

So since I took most of the month of December off from blogging, I should have a lot to say. I thought about doing a recap of our Christmas, but that's old news now, isn't it? And anyway, I can probably sum it up with one word:


It wasn't perfect. For some reason, Matt and Kylee felt they needed to travel up to spend the holidays with her folks. I agreed to let them go because I had no choice I'm unselfish like that. After all, I insisted on having them here last year, so it was only fair.

On the plus side, our daughter was home for Christmas for the first time in four years. That definitely made the holidays wonderful!

I also thought I could celebrate my return to blogland and my first post of the new year by writing something profound.

I got nothing.

So instead I decided to write my first post of 2012 from the emergency room. Because nothing says Happy New Year like taking your spouse to the hospital in the middle of the night because he woke up with chest pains.

Yes, I'm blogging from his examining room. Don't judge me. It's helping me stay awake.

I am not a calloused woman. I waited until we we sure he was out of immediate danger before I started blogging. They're not sure what the problem is, but all his tests look good so they're pretty sure it's not his heart. Probably. No one really likes to say for sure because people in the medical profession hate to be wrong.

I will say this--if you've ever had to sit for hours in an emergency waiting room, try telling them you have chest pains. They move pretty quickly for that.

So no heart attack, but his blood pressure is quite high. He has a tendency towards that. And it just got higher when they came in to draw blood. Because he has a fear of needles like that.

Can't imagine what's causing Indiana stress. Couldn't be the six kids-- they're always good as gold. Except when they aren't. But we're getting even. We snuck off to the emergency room during the night. Won't they be surprised when they wake up.

Won't we be surprised if they're all still asleep by the time we get home!

Might be Indiana's job is causing him stress, but I can't see why. Everyone knows that being a pastor is not stressful. They only work on Sundays, don't they?

Sorry. I tend to get a little sarcastic and cranky when I've had less than four hours of sleep.

Right now I'm cranky because we're sitting here killing time. Once all the initial tests were done and they discovered we were in no immediate danger, they've left us alone. if we weren't directly across from the nurses' station, I might try to take a nap. Guess that's first on my to do list when we get out of here.

So Happy New year. Hope 2012 is all you want it to be.

We're starting it out with a bang.


  1. Hope all is well! My hubs had a racing heart once a couple years ago and we staggered in to the emergency room...we'd barely gotten thru the door before the receptionist was shouting 'are you having a heart attack'...he thought so and wow they moved like lightning. Good to know : )

    Happy New Year to you all...so glad you had a happy Christmas with your daughter in the house.

  2. Hoping all is well...and trust me I understand about the pastor thing. That's what people think, but definitely not true, is it? But I must say there are some pretty good perks that go along with it too.

    Take care and I hope your 2012 will be awesome!

  3. Oh, no! Praying that your hubby is feeling better. Hope it's nothing serious. Your comment about pastor's only working on Sunday's made me laugh out loud. People actually believe that. If only...

  4. Oh my! I hope you have recovered your sleep and your husband is okay. We had a similar experience several years ago when my husband had an irregular heart rate. It was definitely the best service I've ever gotten at an ER, before or since!

    And only you could blog in the midst of it and make it so hilarious. All your comments were spot on. Pastors, kids, and all of it.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Thankful your husband is recovering and they found nothing serious wrong.

  6. Praying for you guys.


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