Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Springs in the Hodgepodge

My title makes me think of springs sticking out of a couch. But the Hodgepodge is much more pleasant than that experience. So sit back and enjoy the questions and answers and then fly on over to Joyce's to join in. Come on, you've been wanting to for weeks if for no other reason than because you can answer these questions much better than I can. So prove it! I'll be watching!

 1. Spring is in the air (at least in my neck of the woods) and the birds are singing...what's your favorite bird?
Our spring involves temperatures in the upper 80's and visits to the beach. Not that I'm complaining. And birds sing around here all year round. When they leave your place to fly south for the winter, they end up here.

2. Speaking of you tweet? If so tell us your screen name and we'll come flocking to your Twitter site. Even if you don't let's all pretend here that we do-in 140 characters or less, sum up your week so far.
I have a twitter account, but I don't often use it. My week thus far? Happy. Healthy. Busy. Oh, and sunburned.

3. Its been reported recently that employers are not only viewing the facebook pages of potential hires but they're also requesting your facebook password to have a look at what you've kept from public view. What say you?
I try never to post on my blog or on facebook anything that I'd be embarrassed about later. Well, I did blog about falling down in the choirloft and my inability to bring a decent dish to a potluck, but I mean seriously embarrassing stuff. If I left out all embarrassing things I wouldn't have anything to blog about.

And no one gets my password. I mean no one.

4. It's April and you know what that means-Major League Baseball is back in action. What's your favorite baseball movie? If that's too hard, what's your favorite sports themed movie?
Most movies in our house involve shooting and fist fights. 'Tis the nature of living in a household of males. My hubby did like the Rocky movies (boxing, if you're wondering about the sports-aspect), but then when I was in labor he started chanting "No pain! No pain!" as if he were a boxing coach and I was in training. Yeah. We don't watch those movies anymore. I am finally speaking to him again, though.

5. Something else this season brings-asparagus. Yes please or no thanks? If it's yes please what's your favorite way to have it prepared?
I like asparagus. But when you ask about the way it's prepared are asking how I like to fix it or how I like it fixed for me? Because there's a big difference between my efforts and the efforts of someone who actually knows how to cook.

6. What drives you? (Don't you love how I sandwiched that one in between asparagus and jugglers???)
These days it's Luke, my eighteen-year-old son. He's got a permit but no license. (We're never in a hurry for our children to start driving on their own.) He's got to get the experience and get on out of the way, though, because Paul turns sixteen in October and he's already chomping at the bit to get his turns behind the wheel. I have serious doubts as to whether or not I'm going to make it through all four boys.

7. April 18th is International Jugglers Day...can you juggle?
Absolutely I can juggle. Housework, childcare, homeschooling, work, church work, cooking, laundry. Piece of cake. Plus, you should see me do it in my clown costume. : )

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I don't really have a clown costume. I'm not overly fond of clowns and some of my boys are downright scared of them. Not that they admit it in public, but try taking them to a circus and see what happens. Seriously. Try taking them. I could use a day off.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The G Word

Don't panic. The G word is not a bad word. I'm a pastor's wife and I don't post things like that on my blog because it tends to cause a few problems.

And because I don't say those words. Ahem!

Anyway, the G word is something that has been coming up ever since these two got married last summer.

In case you don't stop around here very often, that's our oldest son Matthew and his bride, Kylee. I was nervous about becoming a mother-in-law, but so far I have weathered that transition remarkably. Seriously, I have. You can ask Kylee. Unless she doesn't agree. Then don't ask her.

At any rate, while I was dealing with the traumatic experience of becoming a mother-in-law, I had people continually add to this stress by commenting that my next step in life involved the G word. Like I needed any more pressure.

Or gray hair. 

I knew I'd have to face that next step someday. And I wouldn't mind then because I'd be ready for it.

Apparently someday is here because Matt and Kylee just recently informed us that they are expecting their first baby in November.

And I'm really excited about this. Seriously. I can't wait to have another generation around. I'm thrilled that they're starting their family.

I just can't say the G word.

However, just because I can't say the official title doesn't mean that baby will not be loved (and possibly spoiled) beyond all reason.

Speaking of official titles, I've now got to have one of my own. After all, that baby has to know what to call the person that gives them everything they ask for. Ever helpful, my boys began immediately suggesting names.

Their suggestions included:  Jamama, Meemaw, Mamaw, and Mammy.

Obviously I had to nip this trend in the bud. Their suggestions only went downhill from there, and none of those names are appropriate for me. After all, I still have all my teeth and I've never graced the front of a syrup bottle. (No offense if you are missing teeth, or have appeared on a syrup bottle.)

After some deliberation and some time spent on a website for naming grandparents, I decided I would like to be called Grammy. That's Grammy with "m", not "n". Seeing as how I've never loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. (Name that TV show.) I like the name Grammy because that's what I always called my favorite grandma.

So last year my son made me a mother-in-law. This year he's making me a Grammy. Small wonder after pictures like this.

So what do you think of "Grammy"? Does that title make my hair look too gray?


Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Cheating!

Don't panic. I don't mean in dieting or marriage.

I'll explain the cheating part in a minute, but first I have to explain that I was given the Versatile Blogger Award from Jen at Grown in Southern Ground. Thanks, Jen!

I'm so honored! I looked up the word versatile because I'm an English teacher at heart, and that's what I do. defines versatile as having or capable of many uses.

That is so very true. I'm capable of being a mom or a wife or a sister or a friend or a pastor's wife or a writer or a blogger or ... but actually the blog was awarded, not me. Hmmm. Well, the blog is hopefully entertaining. It's also a record (spotty though it may be) of my life and the lives of my loved ones. Once in a great while my blog is provocative or challenging or encouraging.

Okay, so both I and my blog are versatile! We accept the award! (Like there was really any question as to whether or not I would accept an award.)

There are rules for accepting this award. The rules are as follows:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging or whose blogs you enjoy the most.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Numbers 3 and 4 are already taken care of. Second paragraph, people! Get with the program! I'm cheating in that I'm not going to nominate 15 bloggers. I'm sorry, but if I tried to go that route I'd never get any work done today.

Not that I'm writing this at work. Ahem!

But I am going to award one new blogger that I have been following. Kari at Simply Being Kari has not been blogging long, but her blog is always full of useful information on saving money, couponing, deals, etc.

And that's how I'm cheating.

Now for the last rule to fulfill--seven random things about me.

1. My first car was a 1973 yellow Chevy Vega. I occasionally had to make it go by sticking my feet through the thinning floorboards and running along the ground ala Fred Flinstone style.

2. I try to wear nail polish with sparkly stuff in it so my awkward brushstrokes are not noticeable.

3. I like dangly earrings because it's easier to answer the phone if my earring is dangling out of the way of the receiver.

4. I've spent a total of 101 hours of my life in labor.

5. When I was growing up I wanted to be a nurse. Until I realized that might involve bedpans and other yucky stuff.

6. I was an extremely shy child/teenager/young adult.

7. This is my 600th post on Jill Boyd's Place!

And that's me in a nutshell. Versatile. Busy life. Slightly cracked.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well I tried. I really did. I wanted to come up with some great title for this week's Hodgepodge that had some kind of a reference to golf.

But I failed.

And then my mind went blank, and I couldn't think of anything to title this post. Hence the extremely un-original and un-imaginative one-word title. But titled or not, the Hodgepodge is fun to say and fun to play. (I can rhyme even if I can't title!). So who's with me? Leave a comment--and I promise to try and be a little more original in my answers than in the title--and then click here to head on over to Joyce's to play along. You don't even have to be as lame as I am.

But it helps!

1. Have you ever played golf? Any interest in playing? Do you have a significant other who loves to play? Did you watch The Masters this past weekend?
I play minature golf. And not well. And I know it's not the same. But really, doesn't the windmill make it more fun?

2. Hats are back in fashion this do you feel about wearing a hat? (fyi-I'm not talking baseball caps) When was the last time you wore one?
I like hats, but my hair doesn't. If I place a hat on my head, my hair actually grabs it and throws it off.

Although in this case, I think the hat deserved it.

3. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 meaning proficient and 1 meaning "I'd starve", how adept are you at using chopsticks?
I'm considering incorporating chopsticks into my diet routine. I'm pretty sure I'd lose weight.
Not to mention patience.

4. Has technology taken over?
No. I still have to clean my own house.

5. In the course of a day how often do you look in a mirror?
Everytime I wash my hands. It's either that or look at the ceiling. Which is boring and strains my neck.

6. Tulip or Daffodil?
I'll take either, but in a bouquet please.

7. I am proud of myself for __________________.
I'm sorry, but apparently I'm not real prideful right now about anything. Wait a minute! Doesn't that make me humble? That's something to be proud about!
Oops. Lost it.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I had a great random thought the other day. It was both profound and humorous. When I had it, it made me laugh, and then I realized it was a random thought. And I made a mental note of it for this week's Hodgepodge.

I can't remember where I put the note.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Our eighteen-year-old, Luke, was off visiting friends in Alabama this past weekend. It was his first time flying by himself, and I told him to make sure and text me when he got to his gate, so that I'd know he wasn't wandering around the airport somewhere, lost. When he did text me, he mentioned that he'd given a Gospel tract (a little pamphlet that tells you how to accept Christ) to a soldier. Later that morning, my husband, who's name as pastor is listed on the pamphlets, received the following email:


My name is XXXXXXX, a soldier stationed in Alabama. Today a member of your flock saw me in uniform. I noticed him watching a few times. As soon as I found my gate he approached me (you can tell he was nervous). He had the courage to approach a complete stranger to bring the Word of God. I am not sure what he said his name was. He was in Huntsville visiting a friend.

This young man approached me saying I had done so much for him and he wanted to do something for me. He handed me your pamphlet and asked me to read it when I had time. He then thanked me and walked away. I am a Christian, I know Jesus died for me and I gave my life to God many years ago and continue to praise Him for loving me. Today I was assured that God works through the younger generation. As I sit here looking at the news, I began to question our youth, but this young man is a testament to your leadership and God's works.

Thank you for your dedication to spreading God's Word.

My heart is swelling with gratitude at the way the Lord works. He moved our son to share the Gospel (something every Christian ought to be doing), and our son obeyed in spite of being nervous. In addition, our son's obedience to God inspired that soldier to write this email which greatly encouraged both me and my husband.

Psalm 100:5 For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

I'm just praising God today. How about you?

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