Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Thank Goodness!

Okay, I think by this third week you know the drill. The Wednesday Hodgepodge was started by Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond. Seven random questions (Joyce is great at random) and then an eighth random thought from you. Well, in this case it would be from me because this is my blog. On your blog it would be from you. Should you choose to play. Which you should. After you read my answers and leave a comment of course. So here we go.
1. If you had known what they knew then, would you have boarded the Mayflower?
I don't think I would have had a choice. My husband (Indiana Jones) would have packed up us and our thirteen children (because of the time period, people! and what we didn't know then!) and we would have been off to discover a new world of adventure before we knew it.

2. How far have you traveled on a boat and how do you feel about boats in general?
Although I've never traveled anywhere in particular on a boat, we own a boat and have lots of fun on it. I always kind of wanted to go on a cruise until I heard about that cruise a couple of weeks ago that got stranded for a week without food or adequate facilities. Now I think I'll just fly to whatever exotic destination I have in mind.

3. What traditions have you kept, acquired thru marriage, and/or tossed? If you're single what are some of your family's favorite Thanksgiving traditions?
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I made them from scratch when we lived in Uganda, but here we just use Pillsbury. Trust me, we're better for it. : )

4. What time is dinner and how many will be round your table? And what is the one side dish you cannot do without on Thanksgiving day?
Yes, I know it goes against all I believe in to ask for 'just one', but I made up for it by asking three questions here.
I usually aim to have dinner around two. Which means we may eat anywhere between 2:30 and 4:00. And in our family, we could never do without mashed potatoes. I peel ten pounds for Thanksgiving dinner. There usually aren't a lot left over. (Five boys, remember?) This year we will have six around the table. Both Matt and Steph will be gone, and it's just not the same without them.

5. Have you ever used a fire extinguisher? Do tell....
No, just a lot of yelling and screaming and some baking soda.

6. Tell about a situation that caused you dreadful trepidation and feet dragging, only to realize later it was a true blessing.
Sewing costumes last Saturday for our Christmas pageant caused me great turmoil. You can read about it here and here. I'll let you know if it was a blessing. That depends on whether or not Gabriel's costume holds together through the whole pageant. I do have to admit, though, that if it doesn't, it would probably bother him more than it does me.

7. Baked, sweet, mashed, hash browned or french fried...which one's your favorite?
All of the above. (By the way, since I'm on Atkins right now, all of the above is forbidden. I think I gained weight just reading this question. Thanks, Joyce!)

8. Insert your own random thought.
There are only 31 shopping days left until Christmas. No pressure.

Happy Thanksgiving all you fellow Hodgepodgers!


  1. I'm not too keen on a cruise either but I do love to be on the water.

    Holidays aren't the same with children absent but I hope you enjoy your day with the crowd you have at home!

  2. Definetly didn't need the Christmas reminder. It seems like it gets here faster and faster every year.
    I'm with you and the baking soda. I always have a box in the cabinet to the left of my stove.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I didn't need a reminder, but hey no worries, there's always Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so I think I can get er done!

    And yeah I've used the baking soda too.

  4. Love your Mayflower answer!

    Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. Right, no pressure!!! Actually I am almost done but I have to wrap and ship to 7 states. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Will you eat a few carbs?

  6. I always love reading your answers. I just bought the cinnamon rolls to make for tomorrow too!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Eeek! 31 days until Christmas???


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