Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Hodgepodge Weather

If you're feeling overwhelmed with holiday stress, then a Hodgepodge break is just what the doctor ordered. What could be more fun than seven somewhat thought-provoking questions and a random thought? So read mine, and then click on the link to find other Hodgepodge mayhem on this cold winter afternoon. But don't forget to leave a comment first because that will warm my freezing Florida heart.

1. What does it mean to have the 'holiday spirit'?
Oh I'm pretty sure that's the overwhelming feeling of panic I feel when I realize I have ten days left until Christmas and I have no baking done, half my shopping left to do, and no Christmas cards addressed yet. And did I mention the party we're having at our house on Saturday? I'm just ho-ho-ho-ing all over the place.

2. What sits atop your tree (s)? Why?
For the last two weeks We've had a star dangling upside down from the top of our tree. It started out right side up, but our kittens thought the tree was a great playground, and they nearly tore the whole thing apart. I would show you, but I can't find the cord to upload the picture. I wonder what those pesky felines did with that?

3. When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?
That would be the last time I dislocated my shoulder.

4. Which of your senses is most sensitive this time of year?
My sense of time running out.

5. What do you have too much of in your kitchen?
Dirty dishes. Whose on the list for washing today, guys?

6. What do you do for meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Big meal? Breakfast tradition? Open the cookie tins and have at it?
Meals. Hmmm. Let's add grocery shopping to my to do list in #1.

7. What is the best thing about winter?
The cold weather and the snow ... and the fact that both are usually far, far away from here. Although we're actually freezing to death right now. We haven't seen temperatures in the seventies in at least three or four days. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I know I'm being snarky. But did you really click on my link because you were expecting warm fuzzies?    Those would be in the back of the refrigerator. But I wouldn't eat them if I were you. Oops. Guess I should add cleaning out the fridge to my list on #1 as well! Merry Christmas!


  1. I agree with the "panic" comment. I can't believe it is almost here!

  2. Oh I was in full on panic mode yesterday. I spent the day shopping online and at least made a dent in my gift list. I did get the cards mailed Monday and my youngest is coming home today so she and I will do the baking in the next few days.

    I hope you find your warm fuzzies : ) I've been struggling with that this year too. I've had a kidney infection too which is just adding to the fun. I'm sure your party will be great-remember Costco appetizers can be nice too. Enjoy your guests...that's all most people care about anyway. And hey, your carpets are clean!

  3. You are always funny! Hope you get it all done.

    BTW, I had to read this in my reader rather than on your blog. Maybe it's just my aging eyes, but the blue on gray was too hard to read. Felt like I was in the Civil War. . .

  4. I wish I lived somewhere where winter was somewhere else.

  5. Hey, there, Babycakes!
    Your link is not right at Joyce's. It took me to an old post about vaccuuming.
    Just an FYI, 10-4, Good Buddy, Over and Out.

  6. yeah, I don´t have the christmas cards done, not even the ones that need to go across the ocean.... at least I am done with shopping ;)

  7. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your snark. Maybe because I'm feeling much the same way today!

    Good luck with your list!

  8. My sink is full of dirty dishes still. I think they breed on the countertop when I'm not looking.

  9. Sharpie has yet to completely cross off anything off of my list...sigh. Very funny hodgepodge.

    BTW I love the word snarky.

  10. Jill, you just tickle me too death! It's such fun stopping by and I always laugh and smile at your entries. I think if I had a family of 8 that I would be doing good just to make it from one day to the next, much less prepare for Christmas. :o)

    Christmas blessings!

  11. Ha, ha, ha! You are a hoot!! I love how you didn't take the questions too seriously!

    As a fellow Floridian, I understand what you mean about the cool weather. I'm north of you, and we've been waking up to temperatures in the 20's!! I am ready for spring!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  12. I feel your pain...sometimes it feels as if the holidays are just one more thing to deal with! However, they will come and go, even if we aren't ready--and look at it like this-at least your carpets are nice and clean!!!

    I can SO identify with naughty kitties wrecking the tree...been there, done that!

  13. You sound a little overwhelmed and that is how most of us are this time of year. One day at a time, it will all get done. I was so stressed this morning when I heard about 2 gift cards that didn't work. I was so embarrassed. It's not my fault but I am beating myself up about it.
    Oh my, the kitties in the tree, that is not a good thing.

  14. Thanks for your visit....a good sense of humor is a good thing to have this time of year...burned one batch of cookies but didn't realize it until after they were iced..I was cooking them in less time than the recipe said but maybe my thermostat is on the blitz..anyway, I went to move them on their parchment paper and spilled them..Only the burned ones, though...Have you ever tried to get chocolate off the floor...the kind with wax for hardening...I iced them with Andes Candies...
    Speaking of kittens: Smokey is under the tree right now being curious..I've already moved a package with ribbon he was trying to eat...He doesn't usually bother the tree too much.
    We're getting sleet as I type this and I'm listening to our local weather on roadways but it is suppose to be over with after midnight and then the temps are going up so it want be a problem tomorrow.
    Hope your day is going well....I'll be making more cookies tomorrow afternoon.
    Mama Bear

  15. It will all be ok. Honest. There are plenty of no prep appetizers out there to fit the bill. Not to worry. Just enjoy your guests and relax. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  16. I always love your answers (the snarkier the better)! Love your new blog look too. No, we weren't in FL, we were in SC. It was extremely cold, but fun to sit on the balcony and look at and listen to the waves. Next year we need to go a little earlier, like early November.


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