Monday, December 6, 2010

Kylee's Coming to Town

So we're having something new for Christmas this year. Or I guess I should say we're having someone new for Christmas this year. You may remember that I blogged about going to the doctor and starting on a weight loss program (I've lost 40 pounds so far, by the way) waiting for applause. Thank you. because my son told me that he would probably want to get married sometime next year.

Well, Matt's girlfriend, Kylee, is coming to spend Christmas with us this year.

She is a brave girl.

Not only is she spending her first Christmas away from her family, but she is traveling from the frozen north, where she lives, to experience her first Florida Christmas. We're going through a cold snap right now--the temperatures are barely going to stay in the sixties for the next several days, and everyone is bundling up in sweaters and jackets. But we could have eighty degree weather on Christmas Day. You never know.

In addition to the shock of the weather, this girl is willing going to expose herself to the inner workings of the Boyd family for a solid week. It takes a brave soul to do something so foolhardy. Either that, or she's in love.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to having another female in the house. But I'm faced with a few dilemmas of my own. I mean, this could be my future daughter-in-law some day. What kind of a potential future mother-in-law impression do I want to make?

She's going to be staying in my house for a week. Now, Kylee has been here to Florida before. She visited last summer during VBS. She and Matt were interested in each other at the time, but they weren't really a couple. At least, they weren't at the beginning of the week. And they certainly weren't as serious about each other as they are now. And she wasn't actually staying in my house.

So all sorts of details are running through my mind like, what kind of meals should I fix? I need to get a Christmas stocking for her to hang with the others. I need to get the guest room ready. How clean should I have my house?

Yeah, you read it right. How clean? My first instinct was to scrub everything in sight. I also wanted to clean out and organize closets and cabinets and corners that might have been neglected for the better part of--well--a long time. I wanted the house to actually sparkle when she walked through the door.

Well can you see the obvious problems? As much as I would love a sparkly house (merely for my own enjoyment) I'm afraid it would leave an impression straight out of Everybody Loves Raymond. And I am so not going there.

So then I thought maybe I shouldn't fuss at all. You know, just take her right into the family and take on a love-me-love-my-house attitude.

That seems a little cruel. I should probably save that for when one of my boys brings home a girl I don't want in the family.

So I'm back to cleaning again. Just a few things that needed to be done anyway before the holidays. Cleaning carpets. Scrubbing out kitchen cabinets. Nothing major. Except maybe for the guest room closet. And the laundry room. And--

They make a cute couple, don't they? And I am looking forward to her being here. Sixteen days, Kylee!

Of course, with me being me, I did run into a few problems when I attempted all that cleaning. But I can fill you in on that tomorrow.


  1. How fun to have another girl in your house! I say be yourself...if she's going to be part of the family might as well break her in now. She's cute!

  2. How exciting. I agree with Joyce, be yourself, you'll never regret it. Also just a side note, when I met my in-laws for the first time, I'm sure my mother-in-law cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, but I never noticed because I was too smitten with her son. And I'm sure that having a clean house helped her relax and be herself. I truly do love my in-laws. Now if only I could keep my house somewhat respectable!

  3. They are a truly beautiful couple. If this works out, I foresee adorable grandchildren.

    Do whatever amount of cleaning will allow you to be relaxed and welcoming. If that's just the toilets, fine. If you won't be comfortable unless ever inch is shining, do that.

    BTW, I loved your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. They're so cute! Hope you all have a blast.

  5. They are an adorable couple! How very exciting for you. Good luck with the cleaning. Just remember you have lots of boys in the house and boys don't keep things clean. Just saying...

    Hey, CONGRATS on 40 pounds!! That's AWESOME!!! You have any secrets or tips to share?

    My M&M's and big hips bow before your success. ;-)


  6. I have no problem being myself because I can't be anyone else. I just don't know who I want my house to be. : )

    FringeGirl, yes I have a diet tip. Have your son declare that he wants to get married. It's a bit drastic, but that's what finally motivated me.

  7. Wow! That's great losing that much!

    The first time my brother-in-law-to-be came over, Mom had us clean the house from top to bottom...even though we protested that he would never notice! Lol!


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