Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Less Than Auspicious Start

Happy New Year. I debated greatly how to start the new year. I could have gone with some challenging resolutions because that's incredibly original, right? Except that my own goals for the year are both murky and personal. And not especially clear to me yet.

So then I thought I'd start the year with a clean house. But when I tried to enlist the boys' help, they pointed out that I had a clean house for Christmas. Apparently I'm only allowed that once every 365 days.

Fine. I'll start the year healthy, then. I've still got more weight to lose, and I was going to add gym membership to my activities this month anyway.

After violent bouts of pain and a sleepless night, I spent the morning at the dentist. The rest of the day has been a drug-induced haze, and I'm scheduled to have two wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning. Considering my previous experience in this area, I'm considering drawing a big "X" on the side they're supposed to work on tomorrow.

At the moment I'm struggling to decide if I want to be out of my head with pain, or violently ill from pain medication. I think I'll go lay down while I decide. I'll be back when I'm better.

Unless this time he sews my fingers to my jaw.


  1. Oh, fun times. Hope you bounce back quickly.

  2. Sorry you feel bad Jill. I have all four of my impacted wisdom teeth out right after I graduated college. It was more than terrible. I can actually say it was worse for me than having a baby and I was put to sleep for the teeth.

    Ok, I'm not being very uplifting. Sorry. I know you'll do great! I'll be praying all goes well and you don't end up with fingers permanently sewed to your face.

    Happy New Year!

    You're starting this year by using whopper words in your titles! I may need to get the dictionary out for tomorrow's post. ;-)

  3. I hope you get through this quickly. I'll say a prayer for you.

    I had three of mine taken out and only took 1 or 2 pain pills the first day. I was fine after that. Hope you will be too.

  4. Feel better soon and tell those boys to clean the house for their hurting mama! :)

  5. I'm with Taylor...surely you can get some sympathy house cleaning points out of this...they're young right? Remind them that one day they too will have Wisdom Teeth to be pulled : )

    Dental woes are just so miserable...teeth are on my list of things to discuss when I get to heaven! Thinking of you and hope all goes/went well!

  6. Ack! Dental pain is THE WORST. I hope they give you good drugs!


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