Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Hodgepodge

So, what day is it? I have no idea, but I do know it's time for the Hodgepodge. I'm so sorry to leave you all hanging in the middle of the how-I-met-my-future-daughter-in-law story which I started, what, a week and a half ago? But I started a new job in additional to my old one. I squished my old job into four days a week, and now I'm working at the church as my husband's secretary on Mondays.

In theory it made perfect sense--several hours one day a week to do a little typing, a little organizing and filing. What could be easier? For one thing, living with the boss gives a whole new meaning to the term "bringing your work home with you". So I started the job two weeks ago, and they've spent the last week trying to talk me down from the ledge.

I would have detailed all this for you on the blog, but there was no wi-fi on the ledge, so that will have to wait for a later date. In the meantime, we have the Hodgepodge. Seven questions and a random thought. After reading my extremely random answers, and leaving a comment of course, (don't drive me back out on the ledge with your silence!) click on the link to read other answers and to post your own. You know you have some. What are you waiting for?

1. Will you watch the Super Bowl? If so who will you root for? If you are outside the USA what is the 'big deal sporting event' in your own country?
I might watch parts of it after our Sunday night church service, but I'm not a big fan of either team, so I'll probably pay attention to the commercials most. Typically there's some good chick stuff scheduled on other channels during the Super Bowl, so I might try to get my estrogen levels back to normal in my mostly testosterone household.

2. Is ignorance bliss?
Intentional ignorance is both stupid and dangerous. However, there are times when I think I'm better off not knowing what went on at home with the boys while I was at work.

3. Which of the seven dwarfs are you? (and just in case your Disney is a little bit rusty, here they are-Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy)
I don't play minor roles. On some days I'm Snow White and on some days I'm the Wicked Queen, but I always get top billing.

4. When you are riding in the car with another couple how do you organize the seating? (Men up front? Women up front? Couples sit together?) And thanks to Lori at Mountain Woman at Heart for the question! Everyone go say hi to Lori.
It depends on whether I want to talk (men up front, women in back) or hold hands (couples sit together).

5. What is beauty?
A more interesting question might be, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then who is beholding me?

6. If someone asks you to bring an appetizer or a dessert to a party in their home, which would you choose?
I have a reputation. Mostly they just ask me to bring the ice. And I'm okay with that.

7. What is your crowd pleasing go-to appetizer?
In spite of my reputation, I do have an appetizer that I do fairly well. It's called Hanky-Panky. I might share the recipe at a later date, but for now I think I'm just gonna leave that one to your imagination.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
If you're gonna keep a lot of plates spinning in the air, don't use your favorite dishes.


  1. Your answers are always so much fun! Love the intro too! # 3 kills me I am still chuckling about that one. Thanks for sharing! Oh by the way I love your header.
    until next time... nel

  2. ahahaha! I love your answer to the 7 dwarfs question. Top billing. You! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Oh, you did not disappoint! Top billing - too funny! And regarding #2 - my MIL still doesn't want to hear some of the stories, and all of her sons are over 50 years old!

    Great advice on #8!

  4. I am glad I know someone like me when it comes to the department of what to bring-appetizers or dessert--People tell me to bring plates, napkins, drinks!!!! and I am okay with this!!!!

  5. Cinderella might have known not to use the good plates, but as for Sleeping Beauty she was too groggy to pay attention and poor Cindy had to clean up the mess. Sometimes even when you do get top billing you still have to scrub the floor.

    Oh and stay off the ledges please.

  6. Love your Random 8 and also the Snow White answer! Great stuff.

  7. Love your answer on #3! I enjoyed all your answers. I will be watching for that recipe.

  8. I've missed you! Glad you're ok. I think I'll go google that recipe so the suspense doesn't kill me.

  9. Yay you're back! A recipe that goes by the name of one of my favorite phrases? Hmmm...I'm gonna need to have that one I think.

  10. Love it...bring the ice. I mean SOMEONE has to do it, it isn't a party without the ice. It is a win win when you bring ice AND hanky panky :) And I would think a busy person like you plays the Snow White role more often, Whistling While you Work might just get you off those ledges!!

  11. I laughed out loud at your remark about top billing!

    I will certainly look for your recipe for Hanky Panky.

    Blessings from your new follower, Nana

  12. Jill, I am cracking up! Your answers were the best! Especially about the chick stuff on TV and being Snow White or the witch! LOVE IT!!


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