Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letter to a Soldier

One of the families in our church has a son that recently deployed to Afghanistan, and families in our church are taking turns sending care packages to him. Our family is sending one this month, and I asked each of our boys to write a letter introducing themselves to him.

Joel is almost fourteen, and following is the letter he wrote just exactly as he wrote it:

Dear Kory,

First, I want to say thank you for protecting our country, and for everything else you've done.

I'm someone you don't know, but through this letter you will begin to know more about me.

I put a small brown Bible with the rest of the stuff. I'm asking you to please read it every chance you get, and share it with everybody else. See if you can use that Bible to lead people to Christ. I hope you win the battle, where ever you are, and make it home safely.

I've met your mother, she is very nice, she comes to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and when I do the offering she gives carmal candies to me and whoever else is doing the offering.

My name is Joel Boyd, I'm the son of the pastor, I have 4 brothers & 1 sister, and I happen to be the craziest of them all. I'm not sure I spelt crazy right. I'm only 13 years old. My brothers, Luke, Paul, Nicky, and Matt, are 17 (Luke), 15 (Paul), 12 (Nicky), and 23 (Matt); Matt is married, Luke is a senior (and has a girlfriend), Paul is in 9th grade, I'm in 8th grade, and Nicky is in 6th grade. My sister's name is Steph. She is 21, and just out of colage. Matt's wife is named Kylee.

I just want to say THANKS.

Unknown but now known freind,
Joel T. Boyd

P.S. I've always wanted to be a hero like you. I'm praying for you.

There's really not much else to say, is there?


  1. That is so precious! I cried....especially when I read the part that Luke has a girlfriend. He was just a baby and now he's 17?!?!?! I felt old when Matt married and now I feel ancient. *sigh*

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. He is probably the craziest of us all, but he is also the sweetest, except for me of course. Just kidding. They are all sweet!!

  3. No there really is not anything else to say : )
    So sweet!


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