Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hodgepodge 101

I know the title sounds like a class course. But after 100 Hodgepodges under our belts (and that's the only reason for the bulge around the middle!) we're going back to the basics. Well, the Hodgepodgers might not, but I am. The basics, of course, would be what we do every Wednesday. Read and laugh. Then comment, click, repeat. Very simple and you'll get an A+ for effort!

1.  What rule of life should never be broken?
Breathe. If you ignore this basic rule, life tends to be rather short.

2.  What's your favorite family recipe?
Ice. I'm a master at making it, and it's always requested at our church fellowships.

3.  Is the media manipulative?
Is the sky blue? Is the White House white? Are boys going to make a mess? Am I going to be sarcastic?

4. Hubs and I saw Skyfall last weekend...are you a fan of the Bond films? If so, who's your favorite Bond?
I've never actually watched all of a Bond film. I'm more of an Indiana Jones girl, what with being married to him and all.

5. What is one thing you hope people never say about you?
I hope people never say, "Jill who?"

6.  What's a nearby tourist attraction you'd like to see, but haven't gotten around to visiting?
Disney World. We can't afford to take the whole family. But since our family is one tent short of a circus anyway, I don't think we're missing out on much.

7.  Where's your favorite tree?
The one in the garage. It's in a box labeled Christmas.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Life with Indiana Jones has its own set of rules and hair-raising adventures. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the bear that has adopted us.
Yeah. I said bear.



  1. have to go to Disney World when you live that close. It really is awesome!

    Can't wait to hear the bear story. I'll be back!

  2. I look forward to the story about the bear.

  3. I've been waiting for your post. I almost said "breathe" for #1 and "Christmas" for the tree. LOL And right back atcha on #3!

    Oh my, a bear?! I'm sure that will be quite a story.

  4. They have bears in Florida? Who knew?! Can't wait for the details, and as always, your answers made me s-m-i-l-e :)

  5. Ice-HA!!!!
    That tree on your header is most beautious!

  6. I love your answer for your favorite tree! Hopped over from the Hodgepodge. Definitely coming back tomorrow to read the bear sotry!


  7. Ooh clever answer to the tree question! Can't wait to read your bear tale... We had three cross our backyard last week. They are magnificent and only a little scary up close : )

  8. being adopted by a bear sounds interesting

  9. I love visiting your hodgepodge posts! They always make me smile!

  10. Jill, I am quite certain that if times got hard, and you needed to earn some extra "moola" that you could be a stand up comedian and make a fortune. You are too funny and seems without much effort. Always get a good laugh when I stop by. Happy rest of the week!

  11. ice? lol. yeah we are visiting orlando and not going to disney... $90 for a day? insane.

  12. Bear?? Yikes!! Heading to read the story as soon as I've published this!

  13. I'll take Indy any time also vs. Bond!!! You betcha.

    As for your answer to #1....gotta LOVE that rule.

  14. I'm also an Indiana Jones kinda girl. Harrison Ford remains to this day my favorite actor. Ever.

  15. Ha ha! I really enjoyed your answers. Thanks for making me smile! I hope you have a great weekend!


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