Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sleighbells Ring, Are You Listenin'?

Seven questions and a thought. What could be simpler, right? So take a break from all that holiday hustle and bustle, and link your sleigh up with Joyce from This Side of the Pond for Wednesday's Hodgepodge. Just leave a hodgepodge of comments first, please.

1. Have you ever been on a real sleigh ride? How about the warm weather version - a carriage ride?
One year when I was a child a local outdoor mall had a sleigh complete with a Santa and horses (no reindeer) pulling customers (re: dads and kids waiting for their shopping moms) around the parking lot. There couldn't have been enough snow for a real sleigh, so it must have been a wagon of some sort, but in my nine-year-old mind, it was the ultimate sleigh ride. As for the carriage ride, Indiana Jones took me on one in downtown Chicago when he proposed. That would be the ultimate carriage ride, I think.

2. What's your policy on 'chain mail' know, the emails you receive that are often some sort of poem/blessing/good wish that ask you to send it on to 10 or 12 friends? Do you delete without opening, read and trash, read and trash and then worry you won't be blessed/lucky/protected? Do you delete the sender from your contacts or just go ahead and send the love onward?
Truthfully, I always feel a little threatened when someone sends me such wonderful blessings/wishes/poems and then threatens me with horrible things or lack of blessings if I don't immediately annoy 10 or 12 friends by passing the blessing on. Kinda throws cold water on all that love and warmth, doesn't it?

3. Who is your favorite character in any of the Christmas movies and why?
I love Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) and Judy Haynes (Vera-Ellen) in White Christmas. They're such conniving little stinkers they crack me up. And they can dance like nobody's business.

4. Share a favorite quote.
"Now I have to kill someone again." --my son after someone shut off his video game before he had a chance to save.

5. What's your favorite holiday scent?
The smell of pinesol. Hey, I love a clean house for Christmas! Believe me, it's a rare treat around here.

6. Does the Christmas season stress you out? In what way?
I only get stressed out when I realize that I'm not enjoying the holiday season because I'm getting too stressed out.

7. What's the best thing about your life right now?
I actually have one.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
If life is what you make it, then I want mine to be a big cookie with extra chocolate chips. And calories don't count.

And with that extremely pleasant thought I'll leave you to your own Hodgepodge for the day.


  1. I would love to have Judy Haynes legs...she is phenomenal!

  2. Love your random thought. What a great positive outlook!

  3. I have always been bugged by the whole pass it on thing with chain mail too.

  4. I loved your answers. I'm with you on White Christmas ... I'm not normally a Danny Kaye fan, but I love him in that movie! LOL at "They're such conniving little stinkers they crack me up."

    Thanks for visiting my blog ... I'm glad I found your blog.


  5. I agree about the White Christmas dancing. I picked Rosemary Clooney because I can actually sing, I've given up hope on the learning to dance.

    Your random thought is hilarious! I LOVE it!

  6. Oh I LOVE White Christmas. It is one of my favorites too. Course I can't think of a Christmas movie I don't like. lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  7. Enjoyed your answers! Love your answer about the pinesol - you crack me up! You always make me chuckle.
    until the next time... nel

  8. Thanks for stopping by I appericate it. Your son's comment cracked me up as I have a video game loving son to! Hehe.

  9. Man can they dance. I love that movie!! I also love that clean house smell even though it usually doesn't last very long...sigh

  10. Kids really do say the funniest things!

  11. I love the smell of pine sol, too! I like your random thought, as well. Are you stayin' warm in FLA? It's pretty cold here in GA!

  12. Don't you just love White Christmas! Good answers and I'll take the chocolate chip too.

  13. I loved your comment about the chain emails! Well-said!

    I'm glad I made it over here before the day ended!

  14. White Christmas is one of my all time favorites. I hope to find time to watch it! I agree, we are lucky to have our life.

  15. Jill, I see that you are experiencing some unusually cold weather there in the Orlando area. My best friend since 8th grade lives and teaches there in the Orlando area. I love visiting there.

    I love the Pinesol comment! I'm all about a clean house too!

    And, love your random thought! Enjoyed the visit so much.

    Heavenly blessings to you and yours!

  16. I wish everyone would just answer #6 "yes" so that I can stop feeling stressed that I'm not the only one who is stressed. ;)

    Pine Sol also doubles as a Christmas tree scent!

  17. I enjoyed reading this. Surely that snow on your header isn't in Orlando is it?


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