Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

I've talked a lot about how guys don't understand women and women can't understand men. But I'm here to tell you that, occasionally, my mind and my husband's do run in sync.
The road that leads to our house from the church heads directly toward Lake Monroe. Just before it gets to the lake, the road starts a gentle curve to the left. At the last minute, the road suddenly curves a little more sharply, and if you're not paying attention, your vehicle could go shooting off the road and into the lake.
Wednesday night after church, Terry and I were driving down this road. It's actually a very beautiful route, especially when the full moon is shining on the lake. Terry was driving a little fast around the curve and I could just see our van shooting out into the lake. As a fiction writer, my mind immediately jumped to "what if" and I got to thinking about a scene that would involve something along that line.
"How deep is that water right here?" I asked.
"Not sure." Terry answered. "It's probably pretty murky, though, that close to the shore."
"I mean, how deep is it if a vehicle runs into it? Will it sink? Float? What?"
My husband never batted an eyelash. "Oh, that's about 4-6 feet right there. You could get out of the vehicle no problem. Just climb on the roof of the car and wait for help."
"If the alligators don't get you first."
Now obviously I was thinking along story lines, but I didn't tell my husband that. After asking a weird question such as that, he didn't stare at me or scold. He fell right into working out logistics with me.
It was just really special that we could fall right into discussing something such as that without one thinking the other is weird.
Maybe it's just weird that I find it romantic for us to plot a vehicle running off into the lake and people scrambling to the top of their car to avoid getting eaten by alligators. Hey, it's not a bouquet of roses, but it'll do. What more could you want than a husband that understands you occasionally?

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