Monday, February 16, 2009

Directions From a Country Song

I don't listen to country music, but there is a song I heard once whose lyrics really stuck with me. It was apparently about a couple that had broken up (aren't all country songs about that?) and the man was singing about how, when the girl was at work, he would be in one city and when she got off work he'd be in another city and by the time she was sleeping he'd be further away in still another city. It's a rather pointless song that mirrored perfectly my little drive to the Bible Study.
As I told you on Friday, I was already late, and I had finally decided to completely ignore Terry's GPS unit and find my own way. I did a u-turn and headed back toward 46-A. After a moment of stunned silence, the GPS unit jumped in the lead again.
"Recalculating. In 1.8 miles, turn left."
I ignored the talking idiot on my windshield and turned on 46A. This was more of a residential section. Fewer streetlights, but still a busy street. The unit announced what I already knew about turning left. Then I was glad for it again. Instead of slowing to read every street sign, I let the machine warn me as my turn was coming up on the right. This road would lead to the road Susan lived on. I was almost there!
The GPS unit dutifully informed me to turn right. There was almost a bored quality to the voice now, as though it knew I was no longer listening. This second to last road had a zig and a zag in it. For the first zig, the machine told me to turn right. For the zag, the machine also told me to turn right. I stared to my right at the field, and then turned left. Guess it was trying one last time to still show me who was boss. I parked on the street and took a breath. Then I deliberately turned off the car (and the unit) and reached for my notes.
Unfortunately, my notes and devotional book were still at home.
No matter. I would wing it. I borrowed someone's copy of the devotional and worked from that.
The GPS unit remained unplugged and turned off for the ride home. When I walked in the house my husband greeted me with a big smile.
"So how did it go? That thing took you right to Susan's house, didn't it? Did it work for you?"
"Sure." I answered as I went up the stairs. "I had no problems at all."

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  1. I know this may not be a friendly comment to you right now, but I love my GPS, I don't know what I would do without it.
    Right now it gets in my nervs every now and then because it seems to be off tune and although it gives me the right directions I try to follow the little image and it seems to be a little late.... still, I wouldn't make it without it :)...


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