Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Conference Update

We are still rolling through our Super Conference. Three nights down, two to go. Several have asked me if we're taping the messages. We don't have that capability yet. Hopefully we will by next year. Last night Bro. Allison preached on the Valley of Dry Bones from Ezekiel 37. God commanded Ezekiel to preach to the bones and they became a mighty living army. But Ezekiel didn't do that. God did. Ezekiel simply obeyed God's command. Bro. Allison really stressed that we are only to obey, even if we don't understand the command. And also, nothing we do will have any meaning or merit without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bro. John Reynolds of Volusia County Baptist Church here in Florida followed up with a message on the battle of Jericho in Joshua 6. He stressed persistent obedience, even when we can't see where God is working in our lives. The Israelites were probably pretty excited the first day they went out and marched around Jericho. But day after day doing that, probably with the Jericho-ites mocking them from the wall, had to be tough. And they weren't allowed to say a word. Every day they marched around the city and nothing happened. But they kept obeying until God moved.

Both sermons were used by God last night. Cant' wait to see what will happen tonight!

Update on my flat tire--I actually managed to drive over a curb in the median as I was driving Monday night. (Never dig in your purse when you're supposed to be driving!) I not only ripped a literal hole in my tire, but I bent and cracked the rim. The wheel itself will cost about $170 to replace, and then we have to have a new tire on top of that. From The Emperor's New Groove: "Now I feel really bad! Bad llama!" The men at church are now calling me "Crash". I will not live this down any time soon.

We got home last night around midnight--went to Denny's with several of this week's speakers after the service. I woke the boys up at seven this morning so we could start school. They complained of being tired and begged to go back to sleep. I cheerfully told them no, they had to do school today. But, if they would hurry with their work then we could all take naps this afternoon! Their reply? "We'd rather take our naps right now." Smart guys.


  1. ... aawww, I wish I could get a hold of Pastor Allison´s sermon... wonder if he preached it in our church sometime since we have been gone... I need to go through our preaching cds just in case.

  2. What a blessing.... sounds like the services are awesome!!! keep sharing the sermons you are getting to hear, will pray for the rest of the services, also.


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