Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Comfort Zone

Our Walmart is remodeling. On the whole, I think that's a good thing. Clean things out, freshen things up. The last time Walmart went through a nationwide remodeling phase, the stores were much better when they finished.
Of course, getting from the old Walmart to the newly renovated one is a pain. Every time I go in there they've moved something else. First they took out all the material. Now, I didn't sew that much, but still--I liked having the material there for the times I needed it. Then they cleared out the lawn and garden section and put furniture there. Tonight they moved all the pet food and supplies from the front of the store to the back. one wonders if their plan is to rearrange everything so that it is in exactly the opposite place from where it was before.
It takes a little longer to get through Walmart now, with everything jumbled and out of place. Apparently it is disorienting as well. I went there tonight and saw people wandering through the store with a dazed look on their faces. If they were talking at all, they were discussing where something used to be and where something is now. They were moving slowly, doublechecking the shelves and glancing behind them as though afraid they might have missed what they were looking for.
Isn't it silly how the littlest thing can shake our settled little worlds?


  1. They keep doing the same here in the store where I shop. It takes lots longer to get my shopping done because I have to wonder around trying to find what I am looking for. And then the next week they change everything again because I guess they figured there is a better way.
    I think the reason why they do that is because it makes you look everywhere and sometimes find and buy things that you didn´t plan to buy to begin with just because you saw it there. You wouldn´t have seen it unless they had change everything. Or maybe is not a conspiracy theory, none the less, it is pretty annoying. We are such simple people that gets annoyied with such simple things.

  2. This constitutes a Mama Fit!

    Don'tcha hate it when they do that?!?!!

  3. I agree, Walmart can get a little to crazy organizing their products! I love your header photo. It's inspiring.


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