Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love shoes

Did any of you get a new dress for Easter this year? That was a given when I was growing up. My sisters and I got a new dress every Easter. I did that with Stephanie when she was smaller; in fact, last year she got a new Easter dress too. I started out getting my boys new suits, but then I had so many of them I couldn't keep up. So I ended up making sure they had a new shirt or tie and good shoes for Easter.
For myself, I don't really remember the last time I got a new Easter dress. We either didn't have the money, or I couldn't find something I liked. (That's not unusual.) I could usually buy a new blouse or skirt or something and pull together a look I hadn't done before.
But one thing I always seem to do is to buy new shoes for Easter. Somehow I can't start that spring/summer season without a new pair of shoes. And I'm not talking white ones. I can't remember the last time I bought a white shoe. I like them--I just like color better. Last year I went with pink. I'm not much of a pink person, but I found a really gorgeous pair of pink sandals. So I wore pink jewelry, tied on a pink scarf and wore my pink shoes. In truth, I don't remember which dress I wore. But I liked the shoes.
This year, you guessed it! I went with green. I loved these sandals as soon as I saw them at Catos. I had a green skirt that I was pretty sure matched the darker green in the shoes, so I decided to wear a white blouse and green jewelry to complete the outfit. Problem was, I didn't match up the shoes with the skirt until that Sunday morning. The skirt was a dark, forest green--definitely a "winter" look. It didn't match the shoes. There were plenty of other things I could have worn, but not so many that would match the shoes. I finally wore a white blouse and a black skirt. Not exactly a pretty spring outfit, but I got to wear the shoes and tat was the important thing. Green jewelry helped pull the shoes into the mix.
So do you have any spring traditions? Are you a white shoes only after Easter person?
As for me, I'm already thinking about next spring. I'm thinking lilac shoes.


  1. OH I love to get the boys new clothes for Easter too but it´s been years since we have done that.
    those are cute shoes! I am sure you looked wonderful!
    I don´t do well picking out shoes. Pilar is my fashion consultant! ;)
    She´s got good taste! I just never can decide on anything.Not that I am picking just don´t know what I like.
    I love lilac or purple right now. It catches my eye everywhere!

  2. Shoes are the best! It doesn´t if our size dress goes up or down, shoes always work. It is the perfect comfort buy ;)
    No new clothes for us this year. Didn´t even think about it this year. We used to when we were in the States. Not for Matthew and I but the girls would always wear new dresses. Paqui used to get them purses or hats for easter.


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