Monday, June 22, 2009

Look What I Have!

Our desktop computer is over seven years old. We've known for sometime that it needed to be replaced, but we just didn't know when we would have the money. I'm always one for being prepared, so I did some research on what kind of a machine we needed. I wanted to be ready at a moment's notice, so to speak. I tracked through HP, Dell and Vision's websites to see what they had to offer, what kind of specials they were running, and just what kind of features we might need in a new machine.
When we were finally ready to buy, my husband said, "Let's go to the Apple store."
I like my macbook--I've had it for three or four years. But I still hesitated. Wouldn't we end up paying twice as much? And where would we get the extra money?
"Let's let them convince us why we should pay the extra money," Terry suggested.
It took a while to find the store, but once we were in, we faced a huge sales room with tons of white Macs all lined up in a row. The salesman enthusiastically showed us all the features of the imac. It's jaw-dropping stuff, really. But the price--
So we put the question to him. Why should we spend twice as much?
The salesman addressed our question honestly. He asked more of what we needed in a machine and showed us more of what the imac could do. It was hard to argue. But still there was the money--
so the guy started working through discounts to see what we qualified for. Terry had a particular price in mind, and he finally told the guy, "Get it down to here and we'll walk out with one tonight."
Guess what's now sitting in my office? It's so great, and I absolutely love it! But that's not the end of the story.

Tomorrow's post: The real cost--and the extras!

By the way, why did I say on Friday that Nina would drool with envy? click here to read it on her blog. When I read that post, I had no idea I would have an imac myself just a short time later. I'll be praying you get one too, Nina!

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  1. That's just NOT right!!!

    I though maybe you'd have a box of Krispy Kreme's or something...not an iMac!!

    Jill....oh Jill....

    *i'm shaking my head in defeat*

    Enjoy it dear one...enjoy!


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