Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Real Cost

So where did we get the money we needed for the imac? Well, it all started when Terry's pressure washer was stolen. Matt was working nights at the time, and when he got home one morning, he noticed that the back of Terry's pickup was open. And the pressure washer that was usually there--well, it wasn't there anymore. It was a big loss for us because Terry had been using pressure washing jobs to generate some additional income. What's worse is that, when he called the insurance company, they said we only had liability insurance--in other words, they only pay if he messes up something belonging to someone else while working for them.
But Terry is nothing if not persistent. Next he tried our auto insurance. They said they only cover the actual vehicle--not what's inside. (Don't you just love the fine print of insurance companies?) Finally, though, we contacted our homeowner's insurance. Since it was stolen from our vehicle, parked at our home, they would cover the damage. Did we have receipts?
In all honesty, paperwork is not exactly our strong point. We'd had the machine for several years. Terry finally found some pictures online of similar machines and gave that to them. The insurance company told us that, without proof of how much we'd paid, they would have to adjust the amount given. Plus they had to allow for depreciation. We held our breath, hoping that they'd send enough so that we didn't have to dig too deeply into our own pockets to replace the pressure washer. While we waited for the check, Terry shopped around.
When the check finally came in the mail, we were pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, it would be enough to replace the pressure washer and all the attachments he'd lost. We were even more excited when he found a machine that was actually better than what he'd lost. He has a much nicer setup now. What's even better, he got such a good deal that we had some money left over. Enough for us to start thinking about replacing our desktop.
So how did we afford the imac? Well, almost a year ago Terry sold an old truck. The man who bought it was paying us piecemeal. Just this past week he paid the full remainder of what he owed in one lump sum.
Price of the imac? $1,176.00. Price out of pocket? $11.00.
Isn't God good?

Tomorrow's post: But wait! There's more!


  1. God is so good! We are beginning to think about a new computer and I'm encouraged to see what God has done for you.

  2. Only God could use something "bad" to give you something good!! Ain't God good? What I find fascinating is that while you lost one thing, God replaced it with TWO!! Wow! We certainly serve an awesome God!

  3. God is good all the time sister


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