Monday, September 21, 2009

Home at last!

I got back into town yesterday afternoon from the writer's conference in Denver, and I drove straight to the church for our evening service. I hauled my suitcase in and changed in the bathroom, and then spent a few minutes catching up with my husband before people started coming in for the service. When my boys got there, I nearly got tackled as they ran up to hug me, but I loved it. After church we ate pizza and then I slept in my own bed. AHHHHHH!

And now it's Monday. I don't have to go back to work until tomorrow, which is good. Not only do I have to wash all my laundry from my trip, but I need to catch up on a few things around here as well. The boys told me they mostly ate eggs and rice while I was gone. I guess soy sauce makes everything taste better. The main rooms were cleaned up and in fairly good order when I got home. The rest of the house was a little more lived in. It's funny--I hadn't even been home yet, but on the way home from church the boys asked me "What's for supper?" I am so home!

So I need to get cracking on some of the things around here, plus I need to do the grocery shopping. I think I'll feed them Italian meatloaf tonight--meatloaf stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and topped with pizza sauce and more cheese. I'll round it out with smashed potatoes, corn and some garlic-cheddar biscuits.

Tomorrow I'll blog about some of the fun things I experienced while I was gone. But, I'll give you this for today. (I saved the most exciting news!) Both an editor and an agent asked to see some of my work!!!! So in addition to catching up around here, I have a couple of proposals to put together!!!! I'm so excited! So I'm off to do the mommy/writer thing. Catch up with you tomorrow!


  1. Glad to hear your exciting news!! You know, Jill, seeing everything you have to go through to get a book published should make us avid readers much more appreciative of those wonderful books we hold so dear. I'm so happy for you and hope it won't be much longer before my bookshelf has a Jill Boyd section!! :)

  2. Congratulations! Glad you had a good and productive trip!

  3. Oh my, that is so exciting, Jill!!!! I can't wait to hear more about it.

    I went to a woman's weekend one time and the minute I walked in the door on of my son's grabbed and hugged me and then asked "What's for dinner?"

    I hadn't even set down my purse yet, lol!

  4. Oh, Jill, that's awesome news! I'm so glad I had the chance to very briefly meet you! I looked around for you again, but I never saw you! I would have loved for the chance to sit and chat with you longer!

  5. Can´t wait to hear more about your trip and so glad to hear it went well


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