Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mama Grizzly In-Laws Part II

This is the post (series of posts) where I tell how I met my future daughter-in-law. I started this post about two weeks ago, so I can understand if you are confused about the Part II in my title and are wondering what I am talking about. If you want to start at the beginning--and really, you do want to start at the beginning--you can click here. When you finish reading that, come back here and read this post.  Isn't that neat how that works out?

I should also point out that you can chalk up my actions either to the fact that I have a tendency to overreact  to things, or to the fact that my son lacks the ability to communicate very well. I'm gonna go with the last one and here's why:  Matt had been praying for some time about God's will for his life. He had specifically been praying about a future mate, and apparently he was aware of God's leading soon after he met Kylee.

Kylee had also been praying for God's will in regard to a future spouse, and she also felt God leading soon after she met Matt.

So God was working behind the scenes, but no one told me that. What I was told was that Matt had met this girl twice, and now he wanted her to come down and meet the family. And by the way, he wanted her to come during one of the busiest weeks of our lives.

You know how, when you're watching something on television, there's background music and then all of a sudden something happens and you hear a sound effect like a needle scratching across a record and all music and sound comes to a complete stop? And now you know where I was at. Meeting the parents is a big step. I don't know how long you should know someone before you take that step, but I was pretty sure you should have met more than twice.

As I scrambled for how to slam on the brakes, I pelted him with questions.

Why this girl? His answer--because I like her and she's hot. See what I mean about his communication skills? Was that really the way to convince a mother this was a good idea?

 Who is paying for her ticket? She is.

 Does she have a round trip ticket? It's always best not to assume these things. Matt rolled his eyes and assured me that yes, she did have a round trip ticket.

While Matt was very confident in what he wanted, I still felt like things were moving too fast, and I was sure I had the perfect argument. He wanted Kylee to come during Vacation Bible School. Clearly he couldn't have picked a worse time to bring in a visitor or plan a "meet the family" time. So I was sure I had him when I asked why he wanted that particular time. But he had an answer for that too.

"Serving the Lord and being up to our elbows in church work is the heart and soul of who we are, Mom," he explained as if I didn't know that. "I want Kylee to see what we're all about and realize what's most important to us right from the start."

Rats. How could I argue with that? I couldn't, but I still have one question left to ask.

Where was she going to stay?

 I wasn't being mean-spirited. It was a legitimate question. We already had one of Matt's college friends staying with us for the summer, plus we had a missionary family staying with us for the week of VBS. We literally didn't have room for another house guest. Matt had already considered that, too. He mentioned some friends that not only had room, but would be glad to have her.

So with all my arguments and reasoning blown to the wind, I had no reason not to agree that Kylee could come for a visit. I decided that I didn't mind that so much. After all, it was only one week, right? What was one week out of our lives?

I think I need to start thinking longer term.

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  1. Because I like her and she's hot.

    Why didn't that clue you in to that fact that she was soon-to-be-family?



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