Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Green Hodgepodge

You knew it was coming. In fact, you probably couldn't wait for it to get here, could you? You've been counting the days since last Wednesday, haven't you? Admit it! You can't live without the Hodgepodge. Seven questions and a random thought around which your life revolves. Okay, your life is a little pathetic, but then, so is mine so I'm not going to say anything. Settle in and here we go. Oh! And after you leave a comment--you knew you had to leave one, right?--click on the link and see what everyone else had to say. You might as well. What else have got to do in your pathetic little life? : )
1. What would you do if you found a pot of gold? Let's pretend this pot of gold is worth exactly $1500 (which would actually be more like a cup of gold at current values). Anyway, let's also pretend you have to spend it as opposed to making a donation someplace. Now tell me what you would do with that cup pot of gold?
To be quite honest, the whole donation thing never occurred to me until you mentioned it. That's my pot of gold, baby! I'd probably hang onto it until my much-needed chick weekend at the end of the month. Then I'd be splurging all over the place. (I'll blog about the weekend another time. For now, let's just say that living as the only female with six males--well, I need a shot of estrogen in my life or I'm going to start scratching and spitting in public soon.)

2. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form?
When I was a kid we would celebrate by asking everyone in sight if they were a) Irish, or b) wearing green. If the answer to either question was no, then we would pinch them. I have a little Irish in me (along with some French, German and Scottish--we're mutts) and I have green eyes so I always got off easy. If the eye answer wasn't enough, then I told them the tag on my underwear was green. I've since outgrown such childish games so I probably won't be celebrating at all--except maybe to ask my kids if they're Irish and wearing green and then pinch them. : )

3. Have you been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug? No! I squash those bugs as soon as I see them! What spring cleaning job most needs doing at your house? All of them. What spring cleaning job are you most dreading? All of them.

4. lime-shamrock-sage-forest...your favorite shade of green?
Actually, green is one of my favorite colors and I like it in all shades. Except for pea green. That's not a pretty shade whether it's in a soup or in someone's clothing. And since that's the color usually used to describe someone's face right before they throw up ...

5. Thomas Jefferson once said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." you believe in luck or do you believe we make our own luck?
I don't make my own luck. I don't have the recipe. 

6. Monday (3/14) was Pi Day. Get it? Pi =3.14. Those math types are so clever aren't they? Since I'm not one of them tell me what's your favorite piE (the edible kind).
The edible kind is my favorite kind of pie.

7. That same date (3/14) happens to be the birthdate of the late physicist Albert Einstein. I bet he knew the value of Pi. So...what do you think is more important and or valuable in life... intelligence or common sense?
There are a lot of people who have intelligence who have never shown one lick of common sense. However, I don't think I've ever seen someone who exercised common sense without at least an average-sized dose of intelligence. Unfortunately, there's also a great many people who never seem to have been blessed with either intelligence or common sense. Most of them apparently decided to make their living in politics.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
As thrilled as I am to be one of the first ones to link up, I'm more than a little annoyed that I'm still awake this late!


  1. I'm up late too...I have company so it was a little tricky getting this up tonite. I've done it in bits and is one of my favorite colors too. Can't wait to see it again here in our little corner of NJ!!

  2. You're very fortunate that your males do not pee in the front yard. Not that mine do, but someone on the other side of the family has been known to do this. Egads!

    BTW, I only stayed up late to try to be the first to link up. I'm headed to bed!!

  3. I love your answers to the green question, and yes, there is nothing *quite* like that colour the human face does just before it vomits.....eeewwww!!

  4. Just stopping by from Hodgepodge! Congrats on being #1!

  5. Awesome answers!!!! I enjoyed every one of them - especially #7 which I totally, 100% agree with!

  6. Great answers as always. I couldn't imagine being the only female in the house of all males. My husband jokes now that his Mom lives with us that's theres too much estrogen. He's the outnumbered one with 3 females in the house.

  7. Great answers! That cleaning bug should be squashed, I agree!

  8. Jill, you always have such fun answers :) I especially love #7, and I totally agree with your answer!

  9. My hubby feels your pain, because he's a man in a house full of girls (even the dog)! lol

    Great answers as always. You always make me smile (or laugh out loud).

  10. Congratulations on being first!

    I don't have the recipe to make my own luck either.

  11. AHAHAHA! As always, you Your response to #7 is classic. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  12. Ya know, I did know it was coming but sadly I once again feel that I am a slacker and am not likely to join in although I would have had fun answering those questions. Maybe next week. Is there a recipe for making luck?

  13. " Unfortunately, there's also a great many people who never seem to have been blessed with either intelligence or common sense. Most of them apparently decided to make their living in politics." HA!!!!! Love it!

    Chick weekend, that sounds like fun!

  14. Always enjoy reading your answers!

  15. Love your answer to #1! My answer was pretty similar to #3, I don't like Spring cleaning or any cleaning at all! So you have some very cute answers, enjoyed reading them.

  16. I loved reading your answers. Totally agree with #7!
    the chick weekend sound great, I have not done that in over a year and I am long over due!

  17. I so agree with your answer to #7! And YAY! for being #1! We've got to find our successes wherever we can, right? ;-)


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