Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Fun and Stuff

I mentioned--in my one and only post last week--that I was going to take a chick weekend soon. That weekend starts this coming Thursday, and I positively can't wait! I need this more than you know (I'll explain why tomorrow), but first, a little recap on what's been going on lately.

My future daughter-in-law came for a visit again, and I think she staved off insanity for a week. It was so nice having another female in the house! We gave Kylee a bridal shower while she was here, and she received, I'm pretty sure, at least thirty different sets of measuring cups and spoons. Well, she got a lot of them, anyway. I see a lot of baking in her future.

When we arrived for the shower everyone was given a yarn necklace with a few beads strung on it. Then we were told that we couldn't say words like "Matthew", "groom", "wedding", etc. or several other words that we would very likely say at the shower. If you were caught saying any of the forbidden words, someone could demand your necklace. The one with the most necklaces at the end of the evening won a prize. I was asked to pray for the food, and I had to be careful even then because I'm pretty sure some people would have interrupted to take my necklace if I said the wrong word. My caution was for nothing, though, because I lost my necklace before I filled my plate at the buffet table. So I entertained myself the rest of the evening by using the forbidden words often, and then mocking anyone who asked for the necklace I'd already lost. I'm nothing if not a poor sport.

We finished Kylee's visit by spending a little girl time getting manicures and pedicures. Then I took pity on my son and let her spend the rest of her last day with him.

I would show you lots of pictures of her week here, but someone lost the cord to my camera. I wasn't the last person to upload pictures, but whoever that was, apparently they misplaced the cord. No one can find it. I can't tell you how annoyed that makes me.

I can show you a picture of the dress that I ordered to wear at the wedding. Having never shopped for a Mother-of-the-Groom dress before, I was a little unsure of myself. I thought it would take weeks or even months to find what I wanted, especially since I didn't know what I wanted. Instead, this is the second dress I looked at. I got the bride's approval and a 40% off discount the same day, so this is the dress I will be wearing to the wedding.

I'm pretty sure I will look exactly like the model in the picture, and I plan on striking that pose as often as possible, too. I think it will highlight my best features, and doesn't it look incredibly natural? Now shopping for the right shoes? That could take months!


  1. What a gorgeous dress!! You will be stunning!!

  2. The dress is beautiful! Are you getting excited? The shower and girl day sound like fun!

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty. We got the invitation! :) Thanks for thinking in us. Where are they register?

  4. Very pretty dress! Shopping for shoes will be the fun part.

  5. That dress is super pretty and I really do hope you strike a pose like that! :) :)


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