Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

In case you stop in here occasionally, sigh forlornly and wonder whatever happened to the crazy woman who used to post here, I'm still around. But life is moving at the speed of my title, and try as I might, I just never seem to get over here long enough to post.

The last two weeks have included some wonderful houseguests--between their family and ours, we had eight boys between the ages of 17 and 6 and one two-year-old girl who absolutely ruled over the males.

We also had Vacation Bible School. Our pirate theme was heartily embraced by everyone, and I actually had to discourage some from developing that authentic pirate smell. In this picture, Paul hadn't put together his complete costume yet, which is why he looks normal. Trust me, by the time VBS had rolled around he looked just as swashbuckling as the rest of my rogues. We had 120 on Friday, which is the most we've ever had, and there were 15 who accepted Christ during the week, which makes it all worth it. Plus, Nicky won a bike at graduation on Friday night, and he was given a Bible for memorizing the most Bible verses during the week (fifty-two!). Quite a finish for his last year as a student in VBS.

Indiana and I also had a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary somewhere in all that VBS week, but we hardly had time to notice it. That's okay, though, because we had decided well in advance that we were actually going to celebrate later on in the summer when we really had time to enjoy it. It's just as well because on our actual anniversary he was still sporting his pirate beard, which did not endear himself to me at all! (I have no pictures--they were all uploaded to Matt's computer.)

No sooner was VBS overwith than our attention turned to The Wedding. Only nine days until my oldest son marries the love of his life, and only a few days until we leave to begin our trip to the far north for all the festivities. (Since we live in Florida, just about anyplace is Far North!)

We will see lots of friends at the wedding, but three in particular are traveling there just for me. One is going a great distance because she's the closest I have to a sister, and I can't make it through this major point in my life without her. Plus, she has to sew me into my dress, which is a little big. Don't want it falling off during the ceremony!

Two other friends are traveling all the way from Florida ostensibly to attend the wedding, but really to help me with the rehearsal dinner. Bless their hearts, they know I'm out of my league any time I have to do more than bring the ice. Who knows what we'd be eating if they weren't going to be there! True friends, I tell you!

I'll try to blog occasionally on the trip because I'm sure I'll have much to say. In addition to all the wedding happenings, traveling for several days in a van with Indiana Jones, five sons and a dog with an attitude is enough to give anyone a need for an outlet.

Speaking of friends and blogs, I still visit and read most of yours, but for some reason Blogger has not been allowing me to comment. Either that, or my computer's the guilty party. At any rate, I've not been ignoring you, honestly. I've admired every jeweled word you all have written. I've just not been able to add one tarnished word of my own.

One final note:  the week before her wedding, you'd think a girl would be consumed with all of her own details, but my future daughter-in-law has been asking me what I might need her to do before we get there, and if there's anything I'll need help with after we arrive. Kylee's no bridezilla, that's for sure! Definitely a keeper!

Now I just have to finish the fiscal year end stuff at work, finish the packing and the shopping and the wash and the cleaning and the various other ten million details. And then it's--



  1. I hope you have a totally awesome time. Sounds like your son is getting a wonderful girl.

  2. I can't wait to hear the details and see pictures-so exciting!! We're traveling to a wedding I think the same weekend so I'll think of you.

    We miss you here but hopefully things will soon settle down and you'll be back. Blogger is acting up lately, sometimes I get a message to sign in when I'm already signed in but if I just go back and try again it usually allows me to comment. On occasion I'm still locked out but usually second times the charm.

    Good luck with everything...enjoy this very special occasion!


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