Monday, July 25, 2011

Guesting On another Blog

Today I'm guest posting for FringeGirl on her blog The Domestic Fringe. I first noticed FringeGirl because her bio said that she liked M&M's. That's a pretty good indication of character right there. Then I started reading her blog and found out she was funny.

Did I mention I like funny?

She also has some great insights and lots of times I learn something new when I visit her corner of the blogosphere.

FringeGirl is running a series on Summer Days, and I get to share a Summer Funny. So head on over to The Domestic Fringe, and find out why jiggling is not allowed.

Oh! And leave a comment, even if you don't usually leave a comment when you read my blog. For one thing, her  blog is more user-friendly, and it's easier to leave a comment. Plus, that way she won't think that she asked a complete loser to guest post for her. Thanks!


  1. *like*

    Thanks for being a great guest. :-)


  2. You are too funny! Heading over to read now!

  3. VERY funny guest post about a very funny topic!! I recognize you from The Hodgepodge


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