Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The G Word

Don't panic. The G word is not a bad word. I'm a pastor's wife and I don't post things like that on my blog because it tends to cause a few problems.

And because I don't say those words. Ahem!

Anyway, the G word is something that has been coming up ever since these two got married last summer.

In case you don't stop around here very often, that's our oldest son Matthew and his bride, Kylee. I was nervous about becoming a mother-in-law, but so far I have weathered that transition remarkably. Seriously, I have. You can ask Kylee. Unless she doesn't agree. Then don't ask her.

At any rate, while I was dealing with the traumatic experience of becoming a mother-in-law, I had people continually add to this stress by commenting that my next step in life involved the G word. Like I needed any more pressure.

Or gray hair. 

I knew I'd have to face that next step someday. And I wouldn't mind then because I'd be ready for it.

Apparently someday is here because Matt and Kylee just recently informed us that they are expecting their first baby in November.

And I'm really excited about this. Seriously. I can't wait to have another generation around. I'm thrilled that they're starting their family.

I just can't say the G word.

However, just because I can't say the official title doesn't mean that baby will not be loved (and possibly spoiled) beyond all reason.

Speaking of official titles, I've now got to have one of my own. After all, that baby has to know what to call the person that gives them everything they ask for. Ever helpful, my boys began immediately suggesting names.

Their suggestions included:  Jamama, Meemaw, Mamaw, and Mammy.

Obviously I had to nip this trend in the bud. Their suggestions only went downhill from there, and none of those names are appropriate for me. After all, I still have all my teeth and I've never graced the front of a syrup bottle. (No offense if you are missing teeth, or have appeared on a syrup bottle.)

After some deliberation and some time spent on a website for naming grandparents, I decided I would like to be called Grammy. That's Grammy with "m", not "n". Seeing as how I've never loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. (Name that TV show.) I like the name Grammy because that's what I always called my favorite grandma.

So last year my son made me a mother-in-law. This year he's making me a Grammy. Small wonder after pictures like this.

So what do you think of "Grammy"? Does that title make my hair look too gray?



  1. Congratulations Grammy! How exciting!

  2. (: SO SO EXCITING! oh, and I want to read that book that you wrote. That you dedicated to your lovely students. :P

  3. Congratulations! "Grammy" is definitely a favorite word in our house because she's a very favorite person. You'll do just fine as a Grammy!!


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