Monday, June 18, 2012

Stressed Much?

I've mentioned the overwhelming amount of events going on through this month. So far I'm handling it well(?)! Except for a few glitches.

My husband has a tendency to set things down and forget where he put them. This tendency has morphed into a habit of epic proportions this past month. We have three keys to the truck. He never knows where he last used any of them. Occasionally I find one and put it on my keyring, but when he needs the truck, he can never find his key or his spare, so he just takes the one off my keyring. And then, of course, no one can find it later.

I'm not much better. I went to a sale and bought several shirts this weekend. This morning I was searching for the green one to wear to work today. I couldn't find it anywhere, and was really getting frustrated. It finally hit me that the shirt I was looking for was the one I decided not to buy after all. No wonder I couldn't find it in my closet!

Two weeks to go. This week, in addition to work, cooking and houseguests, we have to finish (start) decorating for Vacation Bible School, finish washing all the laundry the boys brought back from camp, clean the house for the church group coming in on Saturday, and host Luke's graduation open house on Friday night.

Oh. I also have to finish (start) writing the lines for the skit that runs through all five days of Vacation Bible School, and coordinate the million and one details that haven't been handled yet.
Breathe... Breathe...


  1. Maybe your husband can keep an extra key under the mat in the truck?

    You do have your hands full! Breathe, nice and deep. You'll make it. :-)

  2. I'm sure it will all go well...maybe put the key on a GIANT keyring. And have some more spares made : ) Enjoy all the activity!

  3. You wear me out just reading all you have to do. As God calls you to mind, I will be praying for you. Take care and have fun!

  4. I am famous for losing my keys. They always end up turning up. You have a lot on your plate. I only have one major life event happening this month and that is my daughter's wedding this coming Saturday. I am a bit stressed. And yes, I must remember to breathe!

  5. Oh goodness...and I thought my life was out of control! :) Just know you are not alone.


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