Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pinned in a corner

I need a three day weekend. Who doesn't? But my problem is, I need a three-day weekend every week. This year has been a big shock to my system as I rejoined the outside working force for the first time in thirteen years. Of course I was busy during that time with the inside working force: six children, office work for my husband's painting business and trying to develop a career as a writer. But at least my days were flexible. Now I'm teaching 6th through 12th grade English at a Christian school. In theory, (and in my paycheck) I am only part-time. Well, my pay may stop at 12:30, but the work continues on! As most any of you that work outside the home know, Saturdays are for playing catch-up. Run errands, buy groceries, clean house. The list is endless. And mine always seems complicated by outside obligations. Plus, I want to sleep in one day a week. I get up at five in the morning during the week. I consider myself luck if I get to sleep in until eight on Saturdays. That doesn't always happen. I've completely lost the ability to while away a few hours. I can't even remember the last time I sat down to watch an entire movie on TV.
Next weekend is a three-day one thanks to Presidents' Day. Now I have a day to catch up on work and errands, and maybe I'll also have a day to sleep in and then bury myself in a book for a while. So how do you manage all the little things that crowd into your day? There's got to be a better way to get a handle on this!

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