Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two peas in a pod

I miss my friends. We moved to Florida last summer. I love it here, but sometimes I do wish I could have all my friends move with me. I have new friends here, and I love them too. But sometimes friends become family. You know, you have the casual acquaintance kind of person. You see them across the auditorium every Sunday and you occasionally even have a little chat, but they're not close. Then you have the ones that you speak with every Sunday. You might never think of them during the week, but you wouldn't miss your Sunday chat. After that come the friends that hang out in a bunch. They each have their own circle of friends, too, but they just kind of circle and hover with several other couples in this shifting group that goes out to Sunday dinner together or gets together once in awhile for the inevitable Rook tournament. Beyond that are the friends that you always invite to a Rook tournament. If you have a social gathering at your house, there's no question these friends are invited. You chat on the phone occasionally and step in and out of each other's lives. These are the friends that you miss when you move. They keep in touch every so often.
All these friends are great. But then you have the closest ones. The ones that seem like you never moved very far because they're always there for you. The ones that know all about you and your family and love you anyway. The ones that become your children's guardians.
I got a phone call from one of those friends this week. She called at six o'clock in the evening on Wednesday when we were getting ready to leave for prayer meeting. By the time I heard my cell phone ringing, it was already going to voice mail. I looked at the caller ID and felt disappointed that I wouldn't have time to talk to her before church. Just then the doorbell rang. When it rains it pours, right? So I send my daughter down to get the door while I finish getting ready. Stephanie screamed when she opened the door. That was my first clue. Then I heard gentle rushing and shushing coming from the rest of the kids. (I have six.) I got up and hurried down the stairs. Around the corner was--my friend! She was in town for the week on business and had popped in to surprise us! There are certain people who can show up on my doorstep anytime without warning and I will be glad to see them and drop everything to spend time with them. Tammy is one of those people. She went to church with us that night and then we grabbed a bite for supper. We're getting together again tomorrow afternoon when I get off work and her meetings are finished. And I can guarantee you we'll pick up the conversational ball as if we had never been apart from each other the past seven months. Some friends are just like that. Don't you love it?

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  1. Bom dia! Ya gotta love those surprise visits! Personally, I think they are the best. Have a great time! Tchau! -Ingrid

    P.S. - I love to read the stories that you put up.


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