Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I'm sitting on my couch, watching TV with my daughter when the phone rings. I waited for the second ring so I could check the caller ID, but nothing ever came up. I answered the phone anyway and found myself talking to a woman from San Diego, California. She asked if I was the Jill Boyd that knew her. Strange question. I asked for her name again and she repeated it and added, "we have a daughter named Stephanie." As if that would jog my memory. The weird part is, my daughter is named Stephanie. I said their name didn't sound familiar and then the woman told me she was looking for the Jill Boyd who was the birth mother to their daughter. Okay, chills and a little freaking out sensation. I told her that, while Stephanie was my daughter's name, she was sitting with me at the moment and I thought they had the wrong number. Then the woman went into a long explanation about having lost the birth mother's address and they were unable to send Christmas pictures. So she started looking online, and I was one of three people named Jill Boyd who lived in Florida. Funny, I would have thought there'd be a lot more. I mean, Florida IS a big state, after all. So I said, "I guess you can cross me off your list, then." She laughed and said she would and then she hung up. The whole thing was just weird. And why there was no number on Caller ID I can't figure out. Unless she was trying to trace the birth mother instead of reconnect with her. I have to admit, my writer's mind took off in several different directions.
In the meantime, my teenage (and somewhat dramatic) daughter was kind of freaked out. She even asked me if I had another daughter. She's the only girl with five brothers, so I can understand her grasping at straws. Being the June Cleaver type mother that I am, I sat her down gently and explained that, yes, I had twin girls. I named them both Stephanie and gave one up for adoption. Sarcasm is my gift.
So that's my story for today. Weird phone call. No Caller ID and a whole new plotline. Excuse me, I think I hear a book calling.

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