Wednesday, August 27, 2008

O Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

So Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate. And immediately the republicans countered with an ad that showed Biden saying that Obama wasn't fit to be President of the United States. Of course, he said that when he was running against Obama for the Democratic Nomination. Then Obama was unfit. Now he's a great leader that chose another great leader to be his running mate. (I've heard that Biden has a bit of an ego.) I'm sure when Biden was running for President, he expected to win. They all do, don't they? He never expected those words to come back and haunt him someday. But that's the technologically advanced world we live in. Whatever you've said or done, someday it can and probably will come back to haunt you.
In my case, I don't often make gaffes on video. There just aren't that many news crews following me around. But they still manage to become known. After all, my husband is a pastor. Sometimes he uses illustrations from real life. And since I'm a part of his real life, sometimes those illustrations include me.
This past Sunday night was one of those times. He was using the concept of a woman in labor to illustrate a point. He's only seen one woman in labor and that's me. He's seen that six times. So he told the congregation about the first time I was in labor. (In my defense, the baby was 10-1/2 pounds and I went through thirty-one hours of labor to give birth. A fact I never let my son forget.) Not too long before then, my husband had watched one of the Rocky movies. He watched the trainer yelling "No pain!" through intense training scenes. So as I struggled through agonizing contractions, he decided to encourage me with the words, "No pain! No pain!" I promptly grabbed his shirtfront and yanked him down to my face where I told him to shut up in no uncertain terms. He deserved it and I think I was justified, but I still didn't care to have the story told to everyone in the congregation. But it just goes to show that absolutely everything you say and do is fair game. The more you don't want it out in the open, the higher the chance that that's exactly what will happen.
In the meantime, I wonder who McCain will pick for a running mate?

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