Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Can You Reach Out and Touch?

True friends. They're hard to find. And sometimes you don't even know you have them. I mean, of course you know your friends, but who are your true friends? I have several true friends so I can recognize the character traits. Do any of your friends have the following traits? Are they true friends?

1. They drop whatever they're doing to help you out. I have several friends with incredibly busy lives. But if I call, I know they'll drop everything to come give me the help I need.

2. They know what you need. If you need a good kick in the rear, they can give it to you. But they don't browbeat you when all you really need is a piece of chocolate and a sympathetic shoulder.

3. Following up on the last one, a true friend will always have chocolate. Or know where she can find some.

4. A true friend will be honest with you. If you don't look great in that yellow dress, or the speech you wrote was awful, they'll tell you. They don't want you to look foolish--especially when they're with you.

5. True friends know the original color of your hair. And your secret's safe with them.

6. True friends don't worry about who picked up the tab for lunch last. At the same time, true friends make sure they take turns picking up the tab.

7. True friends have seen what your home really looks like. And they love you anyway.

8. True friends will take care of your pets when you're on vacation.

If you're still not absolutely certain who your true friends are, there's one absolutely sure way to tell. Check their cell phone network. If they make sure they're with the same company as you so you can get "in-calling" then they're a true friend. Or, if you're in their "favorite five" so they don't use minutes to call you, you're in. If you can't make the top five, go back to rule number 3. Chocolate anyone?

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