Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's In a Name?

So every state has a nickname. Do you know yours? For instance, Alabama readers, did you know you live in the Yellowhammer State? Yeah, I don't know why it's called that either. But I think that beats Utah's nickname: The Beehive State. Boy, bet they were lining up for that one! Most people know that Tennessee is the Volunteer State and Kentucky is the Bluegrass State. I think we can all figure out which state is called the Aloha State. And of course, Georgia is the Peach State. In case you didn't know, drive through Atlanta sometime. Every other street is called Peachtree. Some of the nicknames make sense, but in some cases you just have to wonder what they were thinking. For example, everyone knows that Texas is the Lone Star State, but did you know that New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment? I wonder why. I've been through there before and, although there are parts full of untamed beauty, it's also got a lot of desert. Not much enchantment there I can tell you. Another one I don't get is Missouri, which is the Show Me State. Why name the entire state after your own stubbornness. And to act as if you're proud of it?
Arkansas is the Natural State. I'm guessing that's because they do a lot of skinny-dipping down there. California is the Golden State. I think that's fitting because you need a lot of gold if you plan on living out there.
I personally live in Florida, which is the Sunshine State. On the surface that seems to make sense, but lately I've kind of wondered. See, we've had more rain than anybody would expect outside of hurricanes, and so it's a little hard to convince people these days that we're worthy of the Sunshine State moniker. Now, I'm not complaining because last year we were suffering through a drought, but by the same token--what's with all the wet weather? It rains absolutely every single day, and not just for a short time either!
Rain in Florida means something else too: higher humidity. Even when it's not as hot, the humidty makes everyone sticky and uncomfortable. It also makes my hair frizzy! So there you have it: Florida is the frizzy-haired, sticky, sweaty state. Yeah, that'll bring them in! I think I'll go apply for a job with the Florida Tourism Bureau. I'd come up with great slogans!

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