Monday, September 1, 2008

How Do You Define Racism?

The subject has already been broached. Accusations have been made. The term "racist" has been bandied about, particularly towards people that are not voting for Obama. I even saw a headline the other day where a Newsweek reporter supposedly said that if Obama didn't win, that proved our country was still racist.
That comment does not make sense to me. There is no logic in it. In the first place, I don't think a reporter has any business publicly commenting on something like the Presidential race. Journalism is supposed to be fair and impartial, although that standard went out the window a long time ago. Unless I'm reading the editorial opinion page, I don't want to know where the reporter stands on an issue. I simply want the reporter to report the issue in a fair and balanced way.
I'm aware that I've actually used some of the trademark slogans of FOX news in the last paragraph. The words fair, balanced and impartial show up frequently in their advertising. That only means that they are aware of what the standard of journalism should be.
Journalism and the lack of objective reporting are not the subject of this post, however. The subject is racism. And I think it's extremely narrowed-minded and even a bit prejudiced to say that people would not vote for Obama because they are racist. I'm aware that there are some people in this country who still judge a person by the color of their skin. I've met a few of those people. They are wrong in the stance that they take. However, those people are in the minority. They do not set the tone for this country and they are not in a position to influence the path of a nation. In this enlightened day and age, I doubt the choice for President could be changed based on the color of a man's skin.
Actually, I want to take that last statement back. I am sincerely afraid that the choice for President will be influenced by skin color. I am a bit worried that there are eligible voters in this country who will vote for Obama because he is black. Sadly, that is the direction in which this politically correct landscape is headed.
It is deeply, undeniably wrong to vote against a man because of the color of his skin. Skin color has nothing to do with a man's qualifications or his ability to lead a nation. With that in mind, it is wrong to vote for a man because of the color of his skin. If the color of his skin does not mean he's disqualified for office, then it doesn't mean he's qualified either. This is just another form of racism, or rather, reverse racism, if you will. How hypocritical to cry racist at someone who votes against the black candidate because they have different ideals, different ideas of right and wrong, different opinions on the direction in which to head our country. And then to turn around and vote for a black candidate because he is black. Who is the racist now?

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