Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Woman in the White House?

So McCain picked his running mate. Did it surprise you? It shocked me to death. I'd never heard of Sarah Palin before Friday. They did a really good job of keeping this one under wraps, and the surprise value was immeasurable. The day after Obama's acceptance/what's wrong with America speech, no one was talking about it. Or the Democratic Convention. Or anything else for that matter, except for Sarah Palin. For the first time ever, the Republicans have a woman on the ticket. And what a woman! Reformer. Bucker--even against her own political party at times. Wife. Mother. (Of five!) Commercial fisherman (person). Governor. Life-time NRA member. Pro-life. Special needs child. There's just so much to cover!
I'm surprised at McCain's choice, but I definitely think she fits the criteria that most conservatives want. I like this option better than some that were rumored to be considered for the job. But this also brings up a question. It has been said that McCain will only run for one term. Of course, he'll be seventy-six when that term is up. That's getting on up in years for a President. But it's been said that he'll only do one term so that he's not beholden to the special interest groups. If he only runs one term, then the natural choice for the republican nomination in 2012 would be the vice president. And I think we all know that, if Obama loses in '08, Hilary will be back to campaign in 2012. We could conceivably have a woman on both sides of the party ticket campaigning for the top job in the country. It would definitely be a first in history, and it's almost too hard to get my mind wrapped around it. Just think of all the changes that would be going on in the White House. How many firsts in our country's history.
NOTE**From here on, this post is all tongue-in-cheek. Please don't write and tell me that I'm not taking this seriously. I do take it seriously, but if you can't laugh at something now and then, maybe you're a little too serious for your own good. At any rate, please take this in the light-hearted manner in which it was written.**END NOTE

1. For the first time ever, there could be potpourri in the Oval Office.

2. There might be ruffled curtains in the shots of the President sitting at her desk.

3. All Airforce One flights would be stocked with Dove chocolates or DeBrand truffles.

4. Aids would be required to carry emergency pantyhose for those last-minute runs.

5. The private residence of the Presidency would require the addition of larger closets in order to accommodate a larger variety of shoes.

6. The Presidential seal would be applied to a makeup case.

7. Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping would all run more articles on what to wear to a treaty-signing or a diplomatic luncheon.

8. There would be an official Presidential fragrance.

9. When the first female President retired, instead of a Presidential library, there might be a Presidential fashion line.

10. Comics across the country would get to use the First Husband jokes they've been honing for years.

I'm looking forward to watching as history unfolds.

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