Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's New?

You know, I'm all for the latest in technology. I just finished doing some research on the latest processors for computers, and what I've learned makes my five-year-old computer seem slower than ever! It's amazing the speed and capabilities that these machines have now!
I'm also fascinated by the iphone. Anyone seen one? Imagine having an entire computer on your cell phone. And all the music you like to listen to, and TV broadcasts and internet access and ... you get the idea.
I've heard that there's even a smart refrigerator now. When you take the last gallon of milk out of the fridge, it adds one to your grocery list, or it even orders the milk for you and your groceries arrive the next day. Who wouldn't love that? Although, I think the amount of groceries we buy for our five boys might be a little confusing to a computer.
I love technology, but I don't have a very good handle on it. For all the great things that today's computers can accomplish, I don't see myself moving much beyond my current applications. As much as I hate to face it, most computers are more than I need anyway.
And as much as I'm enthralled with the iphone, I doubt I'd ever get enough use out of it to justify the price. I mean, most phones have great capabilities in them, but I still just use mine as a phone.
Even though I'm not very technologically savvy, it's still fun to see and experience most of what modern science throws our way. But there's one area where I believe the old-fashioned way is better. It's not even a very advance technological thing as that goes. But here it is--my deep, dark confession. I like old-fashioned #2 pencils. There's something about writing with a freshly sharpened pencil that just inspires me. I work in an auditing office, and we do a lot of work in pencil. I'm the only one in the office that doesn't use a mechanical pencil. I hate them. The lead breaks too easily, and something about them just doesn't inspire me the way a wooden pencil does.
Our pencil sharpener in the office must be fifteen years old. It's electric, but you have to hold the pencil just right in order to get it sharpened. Even then, it only sharpens on one side. I complain every time I use it--which is often, because it doesn't get the pencils very sharp in the first place. Then everyone points out that I'm the only one using the pencil sharpener anyway. I'm sorry, but I'll never give in. I'm sticking with my #2. Sometimes advances in technology really aren't the best after all!

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