Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting To Know You

Okay, I feel like I've done a lot of crabbing and complaining this week, so today's topic is just for fun. I'm going to tell you five things you probably didn't know about me. Then I want you to leave a comment telling me five things I didn't know about you.

1. I am a mystery shopper.
2. A dentist pulled my four front teeth when I was seven. I was toothless for the next two years.
3. I'm afraid of the dark. (Some suspense writer, huh!)
4. I love shoes--especially high heels--and I want a pair in every color I can get my hands on.
5. I had chicken pox when I was fourteen. It's the reason I started wearing makeup.

See? That didn't hurt! And look how much better you know me. : ) Now it's your turn. Don't keep me waiting!


  1. Okay I guess I have to think of 5 things that probably no one knows about me right.... Considering that I have 10 things about me and 10 things about my dating time I need to think of things that are not there.... or you can go and check those hehehe. i will do my best:
    1.- I was stupid enought to not graduate from high school (dropped when I was in 12 grade... smart uh?-- i did take other classes later on when I relized that things are easier when you have an education)
    2.- I went to catholic school from 2nd to 6th grade. Yeah, the nuns where the teachers.
    3.- I was a geek the first 2 years of high school and a bully the other 2.... changed a lot that summer :)
    .... I can't think of anything else that no one usually knows about me.

  2. Pilar, you are so funny! I can't imagine you as either a geek or a bully. Thanks for playing!

  3. goes!
    1. I went into the Army right after high school because I didn't have money for college.
    2. Tim and I got married 4 1/2 after we started dating.
    3. I grew up Church of Christ and got saved while I was in Germany.
    4. I have a Master's in Education Administration.
    5. I started paying taxes when I was 14 years old.

  4. 1. I never wanted to have children.
    2. I used to want to be a auto mechanic, a English teacher, and a hair stylist.
    3. I've always liked red-headed men.
    4. My dad died when I was 14.
    5. I sleep with a stuffed dog and a real one!

  5. Ingrid, you started paying taxes at 14? What an American you are!
    Freda, I have one question about the stuffed dog and the real dog. Which one is Mark? jk

  6. Well, Jill, I'll just have to resist the very strong urge to answer that one!
    Seriously, though, while he is no dog, since it is Thanksgiving night as I write this, rest assured that he is certainly stuffed!


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