Monday, November 24, 2008

That Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

What is your perfect Thanksgiving dinner? What is the one dish (or entire meal) that you can't do without on Thursday?
We always have a pretty traditional meal: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, creamed corn and jello/cool whip/mandarin orange salad. But we also put a lot of emphasis on the "extras". We always have stuffed mushrooms, ham rolls, deviled eggs and a relish tray of tiny dill pickles and black and green olives. For dessert we'll have pumpkin pie and chocolate pie and we'll usually have a third choice: pecan pie or apple pie or something like that. The kids would not let me get away with leaving out any of the extras. I'd like to find a good sweet potato casserole recipe, but since most of them are loaded with sugar it's probably not a good thing for me anyway.
So what about you? What's an absolute must for Thanksgiving dinner? And how about those of you that are overseas? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are you missing this year? Where are you substituting or "making do"?
I want to hear from you, but I also may get some ideas before I go grocery shopping this afternoon. : )


  1. Well, we always had thanksgiving dinner at the Starks, so we never had our own traditions for it. Last year we got together with 2 other missionary families and a family from the church that were americans. We had tons of food, other than the turkey of course, but everyone brought different stuff.
    This year we are having it at home, and glad Deenie and Gary are here. We also invited a lady from our church.
    We are having turkey, sweet potato casserole (glad Deenie is here for that one because I love it but don't know how to make it), broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, devil eggs... I think that is it... I am making preach cobbler and chocolat cake for dessert. I have a really good and easy recipe for peach cobbler and Matthew requested it this year. We have found so far everything we need or want, so, on top of having dear family from the States, we won't be missing anything :). We are so blessed.

  2. Well sadly we havent even started looking into what we are going to do because we had a setback in our Thanksgiving morale... I am an American right, I should know when thanksgiving is...good thing I talked to my mom to get some cooking advice or we would have had it a week early:) OOPS We will hopefully be doing most of the traditional stuff THIS thurs. for some of Álberto´s family, should be fun since I have never cooked a full thanksgiving meal!

  3. It will definitely be different this year for us. We are celebrating with the Nichols. Turkeys are kind of hard to come by. They have chesters, whuch I have been told are in between a chicken and a turkey. (whatever that means!) Anyway, most of the traditional stuff we can do. Pumpkins are a little different and there is no evaporated milk, so we are using creme de leite. We'll see how that turns out! Anyway...I'm looking forward to an almost traditional Thanksgiving meal!


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