Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Favorite Season

I couldn't even decide which picture to post, so I posted both of them. I just love this time of year! Autumn has always been my favorite season. I grew up in the Midwest, and fall always meant cooler weather and light jackets, football, and gorgeous colors all over the place. It's a time for apples and apple cider, hot soups and stews and lots and lots of baking. I make more banana bread and cookies at this time of year than any other.
There's nothing that takes your breath away like a cobalt blue sky, clear bracing air and the fantastic colors of changing leaves. But then again, I also loved the gray, cloudy days with a cold wind whipping by. Those were the days to curl up in the afternoons with an afghan and a good book, while a pot of something hot and tasty simmered on the stove.
I have a confession to make. I'm already listening to Christmas music. To me, the holiday season starts sometime in October and just kind of flows right through Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the New Year. When I was growing up, my mom always broke out the Christmas music when we saw the first snowflake. It might have been one or two tiny flurries, but it was occasion to listen to that special music.
When we lived in Alabama, we'd have to wait a long time for the first snowflake of the season. So I started listening to Christmas music the first time we had a cold snap. You can see your breath on the morning air? Time to listen to Bing Crosby!
Here in Florida we don't often see our breath on the morning air. And it's unusual for the thermometer to dip down into the sixties this time of year. But I still get out the Christmas music by the middle of October. Some things never change.
So what about you? At this time of year do you have an overwhelming urge to wear wool and plaid? Do you suddenly desire to crochet or knit afghans? Wish you had a fireplace? (Or fire up the one you do have?--even if you have to crank the air conditioning way up so you can enjoy it?)
As for me, I've made four loaves of banana bread in the past week, and I'll probably make more tomorrow. (The rest is already eaten. Five boys, remember?) I'm working on an afghan, and I'm strongly leaning towards potato soup and chili for tomorrow night's supper. All while listening to a little Perry Como! Happy Autumn!


  1. NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!! A I need some of my Momma's Banana Bread! :) (too bad she isnt here yet:) I know how to make it, but it is never as good as my Mom's! Fall is my favorite season too!!!!Love the pics you posted! Not sure if you saw the pics on my blog of the snow on the mountains, but it is beautiful! And definitley has me in the mood for Christmas. I am ssssooo wanting to decorate a tree, I suppose I must learn patience:) Enjoy all that delicious sounding banana bread!

  2. Not fair! I was told it would be really cold for at least a few weeks. Not this year!!! I miss having four distinct seasons. Right now it's hot and muggy here. Kind of hard to think about the holidays even though they are coming.

  3. Ashley, I did see your pictures. I envy you living in view of the the mountains.
    Ingrid, I know how you feel. In Uganda the hot dry season started in November and went through February. I was usually drenched with sweat by the time I finished putting up a tree in 100 degree weather. Very hard to get into the spirit!


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