Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Humble Hodgepodge

And we're ready to start the Hodgepodge again! If you go here you can see what makes everyone proud ... or humble. Or whatever. Anyway, you don't want to miss it! But I don't want to miss your comments, so leave one before you go, will you?

1. February 22nd is National Be Humble Day...what makes you proud? My kids. What keeps you humble? My kids.

2. Where is the catch-all (aka dumping ground) in your house?
My house. Seriously. All of it.

3. Do you make it a point to visit State/National Parks when you travel or even in your own hometown? What's your favorite?
If we happen to, we happen to. Around here we visit Canaveral National Seashore and play in the ocean. I think our last visit was the week before Christmas.

4. How would you define honor?
Don't groan, but it really does depend on what part of speech the word honor is filling. As a noun, such as a man of honor, it means someone who has integrity and faithfulness. As a verb, such as when you honor your parents it means showing respect. Ultimately, someone with honor will do what is right, no matter the cost.
I'm incredibly grateful that I married a man with honor.
5. Angel's food or Devil's food-which cake do you prefer?
Devil's food--because chocolate is always the right choice, and because I like the frostings that go with it.

6. What's the most recent road trip you've taken? Where did you go and how many hours did you spend in the car? Do you like to zoom to your destination without stopping or leisurely wind your way there with stops along the way? What is your car snack of choice?
I've learned that traveling with males means conquering the road. They consider it a matter of pride to beat the time off their last trip. Last summer when we were traveling back to Florida from Michigan, I convinced my husband we should take our time and enjoy ourselves. Stop when we see something interesting. He agreed and we stopped shortly after that--spending over two hours at a Cabelas store.

Not quite what I had in mind.

7. Recent headlines told how a preschool child in NC had their packed lunch from home taken away and a school lunch substituted by a school inspector who deemed the homemade lunch unhealthy. Reportedly the parent was then billed for the school lunch (chicken nugget meal) although an update to the story says the parent was not billed. The inspector was conducting a routine inspection of the classroom-he/she was not there solely to peek in the lunchboxes. The packed lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple juice box, a bag of chips, and a banana. You can read the story here. Your thoughts?
I think the kid's lunch would have been better if the mother had also packed a candy bar. I also seriously doubt that chicken nuggets are any more nutritious than turkey and cheese. But at least you might get BBQ sauce.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I love my Ipad. Just sayin'.


  1. I thought I was being so clever to answer #1 like I did, and you are about the 3rd person who said the same thing! LOL And even our titles were similar! Not sure if that makes me feel good or scares me just a bit. . . . :-)

    Love your "honor" answer.

    I always love coming by your place!

  2. Love your #6. Cabelas would not be what I would have in mind either.

  3. Oh, I love the hodgepodge. =) And I agree with you on devil's food cake! Chocolate is always the right answer!!

  4. I have to say I do like Cabelas.
    And my ipad.
    And my kids who keep me humble : )

  5. From one chocoholic to another...YAY for Devil's Food cake! I really want an iPad...BAD!

  6. I agree with Joyce--maybe not on the Cabelas but on my iPad and my kids. Always love reading your hodgepodge.


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