Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Down, Three to Go

This has been a monumental week in the Boyd house since we sent another child off to college this week. Wouldn't you think--since this is the third time we've gone through this--that we'd be used to it by now?

Yeah. Me neither.

What does surprise me is that it actually seems to get harder with each one. Maybe because each one seems younger than the last one was.

Maybe because there's fewer and fewer people left at home as they head off to finish their educations.

Maybe because, as I gain more experience, I feel less and less like I've adequately prepared them for life.

Nah. Must be because they leave so many empty chairs around the dinner table.

How else can you explain why a little darling like this--

Can turn into a brand new college student overnight.

I'm pretty sure that first picture was taken last week.

The guy in the second picture has been really looking forward to college. But I think it has less to do with learning and more to do with the fact that he and his girlfriend will be on the same campus instead of living two hours away from each other.

I chattered about class schedules and being responsible with homework.

He talked about taking the GF to a mexican restaurant for dinner.

I lectured on consideration for others when living in small dorm rooms.

He dreamed of not having to count his phone minutes because he could talk to the GF in person.

I tried to teach this boy, who has been homeschooled throughout his high school years, about multiple classes and multiple teachers and multiple projects.

He smiled benignly, but I have the feeling that my voice in his head sounded a whole lot like adults do on the Peanuts cartoons.

I cried several times last week at the thought of him leaving. I cried again in the shower the morning we took him to school. Not that I want him to stay. He's growing up and I don't want to hinder or stop that.

It's just that each one seems to grow up a little faster than the last one did.

Our third child--who has never known a stranger, and loves challenges and adventure (he is the son of Indiana Jones, after all)--took everything in stride right up until we started unloading his things in his dorm room. Then, for just a moment, a fleeting look of uncertainty crossed his face.

That quickly it was gone, and his confident smile was back. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the GF was walking by just then.

I cried again when we said goodbye, but my tears dried up when I found out that my husband and sons had been betting each other as to when and how often I would cry. That kind of insensitivity should not be rewarded with additional cash!

Luke has called and texted at least once a day since we left him at school. He's passed his placement tests, gotten his class schedule for the semester, done a little shopping at the dollar store, and made some friends.

He seems to be settling in well, and I find myself beaming with pride. Maybe I've trained him enough after all. Maybe he's truly ready for this.

He always tells us he loves us, but then he ends each call or text with, "I miss you, Momma."

And then I cry again. He maybe ready for this, but I never will be.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. Now I am sad for you. It's so sweet that he ends his calls/texts that way.

    You're a good mom. I am sure you have prepared him well. Now do something special and fun for yourself, because you've reached a big milestone and THAT should be rewarded. With cash if possible. ;-)



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