Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perfect Peace

When trials come your way, what do you do with them? Do you ever have problems--or the threat of problems--looming over your head like threatening storm clouds? How hard or easy is it to move on with the demands of life, ignoring the boulder that is rolling down on you? (Little flash of Indiana Jones, there.)
I tend to dread things. When problems rear their ugly heads, they end up being a nagging little thorn in the corner of my mind. No matter what else I'm doing, the problem is there. Waiting to be acknowledged as soon as I can't distract myself with something else.
As a mother (and a woman) we want to fix things for those around us. We want to kiss it and make it all better. Sometimes when problems come up, I find myself running different scenarios through my head. "This could end up as this. But if this happens, then we could do that." I don't know if everyone does that, or if this is just a negative side effect of my fiction writing. But when it comes to real life, it can get torturous. I think through every possible happening that could stem from whatever situation I am facing. I tell myself I want to be prepared for every possible circumstance. I want to know how to deal with any scenario that could possibly happen.
But can you ever be truly prepared? Probably not. Inevitably the end result is something I never saw coming. The one eventuality I didn't consider. Sometimes the end result--whether envisioned or in actuality--is something that makes me think, "So why do I even bother?"
I think my problem here is this: why do I think that I can fix it? And why do I have the arrogance to even try? you see, it's not up to me to fix it. Not my problems or anyone else's. I'm not God.

But I know how to talk to Him.

Something came up this week that I did not see coming. Actually, I did see it coming, but I didn't recognize it until it ran over me. As I struggled to deal with it, God gave me a verse one morning in my devotions. Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." I haven't had a whole lot of peace this week. And I realize it's because my mind is on the problem instead of on Christ. When I focus on Him, I can have perfect peace. Why? Because I trust Him. Will He fix the problem or make it disappear? Not always. But I know I can trust Him to help me through this problem--no matter what the end result. I can trust Him. And because of that I have perfect peace.
When the little thorn raises its ugly head and I start worrying again, I have to remind myself to focus on Him. Keep my mind on Him.
Perfect peace. It's worth it.


  1. Girl, it is not just you. I could have written the first and the last two paragraphs.... The theory I got down, is the practice that I have problems with :)

  2. Ditto Pilar! I run all of the possible scenarios through my mind too. I also like to talk through all of those scenarios. It seems that verbalizing either solidifies or destroys the potential scenario! As far as worrying about things or trying to fix them, it depends on the situation. I am for fixing/doing what I can and leaving the rest up to God. I probably should do less and look yo God for more.

  3. Glad to know I'm not alone! I have to admit that this post was written with head knowledge, but my heart struggled to grasp it all throughout the day. Today is better. But then, it's still early ... : )


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