Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Want It All, But I Don't Know Where I'd Put It

I give up. I admit it. Not only can I not have it all, but I wouldn't know what on earth to do with it all if I did have it. People tell me I have a busy life. With our five boys, duties at church, working full time, homeschooling, writing, cooking, cleaning ... the list is endless. But is my list so different than yours? I don't think so. Name one person who doesn't have too much to do in a day. So why do we still think we can be Superwoman? Who even wants to? After all, if you've ever watched The Incredibles, you know capes are dangerous. I could be Wonder Woman instead, but quite frankly, with both hands full all the time I wouldn't have a hand free to keep the suit from slipping to indecent levels. And anyway, bracelets were never my thing.
People sometimes say that you need to prioritize. Okay, but what happens when more than one thing hits top priority? I mean, my job is a means of income. I certainly don't need it in order to be fulfilled. On the other hand, I do have to show up every day or they don't pay me. I can't just cut out of work because some cooking needs to be done.
So then people tell me I'm just going to have to cut back. I tried that, but my family seems to think that cooking is a priority. As for cleaning, if I don't do that then eventually the health department is going to shut us down. Although climbing over the mountains of laundry we generate each day would definitely help with daily exercise.
Some self help books say you need to get your family involved. They already are. They're involved in generating the mess, needing the education, demanding to eat ... they do help around the house. Sort of. If I tell them to. I mean, if I tell them exactly what I want done and to what degree I want it done. Then they help. Or they do half of what I ask.
So I'm turning to you, dear friends. How do you manage all that must be done? Have you made conscious choices to cut things out of your busy life? Or do you somehow juggle everything? Do you drop the ball once in a while? How often?
I really want some help here so I'm going to do a giveaway. Everyone that leaves a comment within the next week (by August 12th), will be entered in a drawing to win a book. This book is called, The House That Cleans Itself. It didn't do me much good because I couldn't get my house to read it.

Just kidding!

I did get some good tips out of this book and some things that helped me some in the organizational department. So, if you'll share a comment, some advice, a few tips, some encouragement--whatever--your name will be entered in the drawing. Leave a comment. Tell your friends to come leave a comment. Get the most organized people you know to leave a comment. Help me be Superwoman. Or at least Batgirl. (She didn't have any super powers, but she did have a motorcycle and a cool utility belt!)


  1. When you get it all figured out Ms. Jill...let me know...okay???

  2. Girl, I share your pain. I keep reading books that tell me that I need to do a list of things that I want to implement in my life, things that need to be done.... But who has the time to sit down to make the list? I do have to though.... maybe I´ll share if this time it actually works.

    It feels good to know that others are also trying everyday to figure out how to do it without success yet...

  3. You are so funny. I cannot believe your house would not read the book. Talk about not being helpful :)

    I am still figuring the balance out, but most days I do what is the most important which is usually having fun with the kids, feeding them, clothing them. Everything else gets taken care of when I have a chance, but if it doesn't it can wait.

  4. First, let me recommend FLYLADY.COM. She has lots of de-cluttering and organization ideas like the 27-Fling Boogie. (Basic idea, throw away 17 items no matter how small.) She also recommends timing your chores. A job is more likely to get done when you recognize it can be done in three minutes. My favorite tip is to spend 15 minutes doing any one chore as quickly as possible. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish in that small amount of time. Hope it helps!!

  5. I used to be very organised! I'm not sure quite what happened to me, but maybe I got older and a little wiser and realised that sometimes life needed to be lived not organised!
    I could do to be more organised now - well, tidier really. ANy help would be welcome!
    PS What are you doing being scared of a spider when you lived in Africa?? Probably the same as me and I lived there too!


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