Friday, August 28, 2009

Organization 101

If you've followed this blog with any frequency at all, you've probably guessed that I'm not much for organization. That's not to say I don't want to be organized because I do. I'm just not very ... organized about being organized. Of course I try. For instance, I make a list before I go to the store. It's usually on a scrap of paper that I found and more than once I've lost the list on the way to the store. I organize drawers and cabinets, only to have them become a mess once again. I organize my schedule, but then lose my calendar. Or forget to look at my calendar. In June, during VBS, things were so hectic and there were so many details to put together, I did a whole spreadsheet with what items needed to be done, when they needed to be done and who was supposed to do them. But then I never had time to look at my spreadsheet again until VBS was over.

So I decided to do a series of posts about organization. Each post will cover a different are of life that needs to be organized, and I will be asking you to give tips and ideas on that area that's helped you.

The first post is in the area of household chores. Do your kids do any? Do each of your kids have assigned chores, or do you just assign a job as it comes up? Do you simply check as needed, or is there a checklist you fill out to make sure things get done every day? What about if it's just you and hubby? Any division of household labor there? How do you keep this area of your life organized?

Even if your children are grown, feel free to share what you did when they were at home. Or what your mother did about chores when you were growing up. Or just what you imagine would be the perfect way to handle this, even if you don't have kids and never want any. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. And maybe we can all help each other to get a little better organization in our lives.


  1. I am a big fan of charts! It puts an end to the conflict of who did what last. My mom had one chart with the Wed/Sat jobs and another for Sunday mornings. On Wed. and Sat. one person vacuumed the floors, one person dusted everything, and one person cleaned our bathroom. On Sunday mornings one person did the breakfast dishes, and another got the boys ready (until they were big enough to do it on their own). Sometimes there was a chart for doing the supper dishes, vacuuming the dining room, and sweeping the kitchen. We were also on a rotation for taking out the trash. Since we didn't have a chart for everything, I don't remember how my mom always knew who was supposed to do what, but if something wasn't getting done, she knew who to get on to!

  2. I love when I have the time to organize! I usually have more time for it in the summer. But as far as organizing the kids, I have pocket wall chart and have their names across the top and the days of the week down the side. Then each day they have job cards to do. The system has worked well.

  3. Yes, my kids have chores. When they were little I built a chore training time into our homeschooling. We felt that chores help teach kids a work ethic.

    When they were little one was dinner helper and the other was dinner cleanup, each day they rotated that chore. We all helped clean up by helping put the food away and putting our own dishes in the d.w. though. The cleanup person then loaded the d.w. and cleaned up the kitchen as needed.

    When making up the chores, I just looked at what needed to be done and how often and then assigned them a chore. Some chores are daily, some weekly and some monthly.

    The hard part is figuring out how to manage these chores now that the kids are older and more busy.

    For example, today my 20 year old son vacuumed (his Friday chore) and swept the hardwoods (his Tuesday chore).

    Their chores are listen on the fridge but I also have chore cards that I put in an envelope for them. When they are done with the chore they are to put it back in another envelope. That way I know it's done.

    My hubby doesn't have any "assigned" chores. But he or the boys do all the "guy" stuff (lol!) like mowing, washing the car, repairing things, etc.

    Usually, I'd have most of the cleaning stuff done before he got home from work and there was nothing for him to do.

    However, when the kids were little he would change diapers, shop, cook, etc. He still will do shopping now or cooking sometimes, and if our youngest has to go somewhere (and his brothers not going) than hubby is the one who does all the driving.

    If the kitchen needs cleaning he'll do it, or vacuum or whatever he sees something that needs doing. Right now he is out visiting someone in the hospital (ah, the life of a pastor!).

    If you look on my blog under "cleaning schedules" or "cleaning" you should find my cleaning schedules. I use those or my cardfile (did a post on that too), depending on my mood!

    My biggest problem is that I have let my kids get a little lax on their chores, so they aren't doing them as well as they should be. They tend to miss a week (or two or twenty, lol!) and yet they have time to do fun stuff!

  4. Well, my girls are little, so other than picking up their rooms and making their beds (At least the two olders do that), and other little things here and there,(setting up the table and picking it up after dinner) I don´t get help from them. I do want to start introducing as I see they are ready too, because I want them to learn and help in the house (so I can sit one day and eat chocolate while they work.... yeah right! :))
    Matthew is a great help, but he is not in charge of anything per say. Household duties I am in charge off and if Matthew can help me with any of those fine, if not, fine also.
    I haven´t been doing charts for that but pretty much have the same cleaning day every week. I do want to do a chart because I realize that are things (like cleaning windows, do really deep cleaning, or ironing) that get push to the back burner and are done pretty much later than sooner. So I want to do a chart to make sure I do those things when they need to be done (here in spain you iron ALL the close needing ironing right after you finish the landry, instead of just hanging it and ironing when needed).


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