Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making A List and Checking It Twice

Every year, whether for birthdays or for Christmas, I always have my children make a wish list. Near Christmas time I carry these lists in my purse, so that if I happen to be at a store with some good sales, I can haul out the lists and hopefully get something they actually want. These lists can get pretty specific at times as they start indicating preferred colors, sizes and accessories. (We're talking toys here for the most part, btw.) Last year and this year we simplified a lot of the Christmas shopping because we got one big gift that the entire family could enjoy. Then the presents under the tree consisted of needed items such as clothes and/or shoes.

Price has no limit on these Christmas lists from my kids. They're usually long lists with absolutely every "wish" thrown in. They start with the stuff that they know is a possibility, but then they progress to things like cars and expensive electronics. They don't ever get those expensive things, but I always get a kick out of how literally they take their wish lists.

This year I'm doing my own list. And in the interest of taking "wish" literally, my list has no price tag either. So for what it's worth, here's the top ten things I want for Christmas.

1. A book contract. Nothing too complicated. A three book deal with the option for movie rights. And I get to say who plays me.

2. A house that truly cleans itself. If you can have a self-cleaning oven, I don't see why the fridge can't clean it's own shelves and throw out old leftovers. And why shouldn't the dishwasher unload itself? I'd like to see my appliances pulling their own weight.

3. A Honda CRV. I've always wanted an SUV and quite frankly, these crossover deals do nothing for me. Why would I want to buy what looks like an enlarged station wagon? I want something that actually looks like it should have four wheel drive.

4. Snow on Christmas Eve. I realize this is a long shot in Florida, but I never said this list was rooted in reality.

5. Exercise equipment that makes me lose weight just by looking at it. Hey, if I can gain ten pounds looking at a dessert table, getting it off should be just as easy!

6. Christmas lights that actually work. Bonus would be outdoors lights in the bushes that don't burn out two days after you spend the time putting them up.

7. A great looking pair of purple heels. Because I've always wanted some.

8. Something to wear that matches the purple shoes. Otherwise, what's the point?

9. A green thumb. My plants always look a little brown around the edges. Okay, some of them look brown all the way through.

10. A trip to Europe. First class, of course. Backpacking across Europe is not my idea of a good time. If I need to find myself, I'm sure I could do it in a five star hotel.

So what about you? Got any wishes this year? Join the fun and let your imagination run wild!


  1. I could probably send you a picture of snow on Christmas Eve. I mean, I live in Iowa, so it mat be a long shot and all.....but I could try ;)
    Purple shoes would go with anything black or gray...or blue....or yellow or got options...hehe

  2. When you get No. 1, let me know who your agent and publisher are! =)

    I have No. 7. But they hurt...a lot. ;)


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