Monday, December 14, 2009

A View of the Holiday: The Absolutely Crazy!

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there's a thin line between going all out and going crazy. A very narrow margin between enthusiastic and excessive. Just a sequin between fun and weird. And way too many people cross those narrow lines.

So how do you know if you've gone too far? How do you know if you suffer from excessive Christmas decorating and an overindulgence of the season? Just ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have to use a separate jewelry box/dresser drawer/closet to store your Christmas jewelry?

2. Do you remove every knick knack or item in your living room that is not red or green?

3. During the holiday season, do you find yourself wearing clothing that lights up?

4. Does your exterior decorating tend to cause traffic to back up in your subdivision?

5. Have you ever actually left your house wearing a reindeer-antler headband?

6. When the season's over, do you have to dig through mounds of green and red socks before you can find a pair of basic white ones?

7. Do you replace your comforter and pillow shams with a Christmas themed one each year?

8. Do you insist on decorating the entire house, right down to the holly sprigs on the toilet paper?

9. Is there a crocheted (or plastic) Santa head that you use to decorate the handle of your toilet bowl brush?

10. Do you work "Ho, Ho, Ho" into every casual conversation?

11. Do you have more than four of any particular Christmas decoration? (i.e. Christmas trees, wreaths, mistletoe)

12. Have you baked enough cookies to put Keebler out of business for at least a year?

13. Are you actually fond of fruitcake?

14. Do you consider it a highlight of your Christmas season to design your Christmas newsletter?

15. Do you buy presents for the daughter of your mail delivery person? (Just because.)

16. Do you do spontaneous caroling? (breaking out into Christmas songs at work or in the mall?)

17. Do you make your children or pets wear Santa hats when you head out?

18. Do your presents have to have at least four different kinds of ribbon and a grouping of bows before you consider them wrapped?

19. Do you have more than one complete set of Christmas dishes?

20. Does your clothing or jewelry tend to break out into Christmas carols occasionally?

I'm not saying you have a problem, mind you. Enthusiasm can be a good (annoying) thing. How much do you think is too much? Where do you draw the line? Don't be afraid to share because I'm certainly not one to judge. At least, not until I change the batteries in my earrings.


  1. What a hilarious list, Jill! I can't say I'm guilty of any. Whew! I think I'm safe, although yesterday I felt like I was putting Keebler out of business! I only did two batches of cookies, but the spritz dough was too sticky and it took my daughter and I forever to figure out how to get the dough to stop sticking to the pump!

  2. 1) No but I do have several pins, that I rotate on my coat!
    3) Nope.
    4) I wish, but I don't have an outdoor outlet and Hubby refuses to out one in. (stupid 1970'2 built home!)
    5)No, but I have made the kids. (see blog title pic)
    6)Come to think of it I do have a rather large selection of holiday socks. (Notice I said Holiday...meaning NOT just Christmas, but I bet you could already tell that of me huh?)
    7)Why I've nevr thought about doing this! Thanks for the suggestion!
    8)Oh yes, the house simply MUST scream Christmas cheer.
    9)Do you know where I can get one???
    10) Now that's a bit much, dontcha think?
    11)We do have a stocking for everyone who lives in our home. two parents, two children, two pets...
    12)Ha ha ha see my post today.
    14)No, but choosing the right picture for our photo card is a big deal.
    15)I don't like our mailperson, he's licky I don't give him a bad review to his manager.
    16) I don't enjoy seeing other people's ears bleed.
    17) see answer 5
    18) One bow OR one ribbon will suffice. I'm not rich you know!
    19) I have WINTER dishes, we change them out in November and use them till the snow melts, some time in April!
    20) No, my kids might though: Jingle Bells, Batman smells...and all that.

  3. OKay, I think I could and might would actually wear that brightly colored snowman sweater. I think it's kinda cute! ha ha ha

    I do have a few Christmas pieces of jewelry, but not a drawerful.

    My kids have been know to wear a Santa hat (and me too, mind ya) like say HERE FOR EXAMPLE.

    Ahhh, Christmas. Gotta love it!

  4. HA!!!!! So very funny. I don't think I'm too excessive yet, but check back with me in twenty years. I'll probably need intervention by then. At least I'm wearing my decorations...yet.



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