Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Dozen!!

And it's time again for a dozen random questions about me that you never thought of until you saw this list but now absolutely cannot go on until you know my answers.

1. Which physical trait do you now accept--maybe not love, but accept--and no longer feel extremely self-conscious about?

I'm okay with the gigantic wart on my nose. My humpback still bothers me, but I refuse to have another cosmetic surgery after the last did that thing to the left side of my mouth. You know. The thing. Yeah. Not going there again!

2. This week Meredith Baxter Birney, best known as the mom on the favorite 80s sitcom "Family Ties" came out of the closet, which led me to formulate this question: Who do you think is/was the best TV mom?

Just for the record, coming out of the closet does not a good mom make. But then again, you have to give her points for getting in the closet. I can't even shut the door on mine.

3. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you'd like to learn?

Parlez-vous Francais? Sprechen sie Deutsch? Parli Italiano? Hablas Espanol? Actually, I don't speak any of those languages beyond the above questions. I do know a smattering of Swahili, Atesso and Japadohla, but mostly just the greetings. But I'm great at igpa atinla! My son, Nicky, had his own language. All the kids at school called it "Nicky language", but to my knowledge no one else was fluent in it.

4. Who is your personal hero?

Okay, by personal hero, do you mean a superhero that shows up whenever I yell for him, or turn on my bat signal? 'Cause I don't have one of those. (Superhero, that is. I do have a bat signal, but I don't use it. Why would I want to call a bat?) I used to like Wonder Woman although that costume was ridiculous. And what good is having an invisible jet if you're not invisible when you're in it?

5. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in?

One? Seriously? Like this holiday season isn't stressful enough, now you have to make me choose just one delicious food that I'm allowed to overeat? Now I'm stressed out enough that I think I'm going to have to have a lunch consisting of Christmas cookies.

6. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value.

Well the Christmas tree has always meant a lot to me. And I'm very fond of the Christmas wreath. But I also like the smaller things, such as the Christmas soap dispensers and holiday bathroom towels.

7. How do you feel about snow?

We don't really talk anymore. It was nothing specific that drew us apart, but I moved away and snow didn't care enough to follow me. It's not even like it had to move down here, but an occasional email or a call on Christmas Day would have been nice. Apparently our relationship wasn't as deep as I thought it was. I'm bitter, but I try not to dwell on it.

8. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Not that I'm jealous of any number over three or anything.

Would this be hours of uninterrupted sleep or just sleep from the time you turn out the light until the alarm clock goes off? Because I usually get five hours, but it's not always uninterrupted. Sometimes nature calls during the middle of the night, you know. And then sometimes I wake up because I was having this really horrible nightmare about someone trying to poison me with a needle to the back of the neck. Or a horrible nightmare about a murderous doctor who just found out that I know she did it, and therefore she's stalking me through the hospital. Or a horrible nightmare about a plane crash and then someone is killing off all the stranded survivors. (I'm not making this up! I dreamed this long before J.J. Abrams did!)

9. Tell me about your first crush.

It was delicious and cold, with a delightfully sticky orange taste, and little ice crystals forming on the can. : )

10. You're stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw?

If I'm stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk, I would probably be writing "I will not throw spitwads at the teacher" 2000 times.

11. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day's forecast?

I think a better way to phrase this question would be, "Are you shortsighted, or do you plan ahead?" Shortsighted people are toasty warm in the morning, but sweltering in their warm sweater and boots by noon. People that plan ahead tend to shiver in the morning, but they deal with it by drinking Starbucks and enjoying the mid-seventies that come later in the day.

12. Favorite Christmas movie is?

I really like White Christmas. Oh, and there's also that movie about the murderous doctor that's stalking someone through a hospital on Christmas Eve ... wait, I think that was my dream last night.

If you want more answers to random questions, or just answers that make sense, click on the link at the top of the post!


  1. Jill, yours was the first of the day that made me laugh out loud. Especially your answer about snow. Thanks for starting the day for me!

  2. Loved your answers, Jill! The one about the snow is very cute! And I can't believe you get by with 5 hours of sleep! I wish I could!

  3. I had to look and see where you moved that snow didn't follow you. Figured it had to be in the south. I'm in Ga and wish every winter that we would get just a little. Especially Christmas so it will feel like Christmas. It's suppose to be 70ish here today.

  4. ROFL, Jill, you're a riot! But I can tell you're a warm person, too. :)

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, Something She Wrote, today. It's great to meet new people!

    *waves to Jody*

  5. That is too funny about the desserts! I couldn't believe we had to choose just one either lol!

  6. Oh, I'm good at igpa atlina, too! =0)

    ha ha ha

    My sister and I had our own language and we were fluent in it. Never shared with anyone while growing up either... it was ours and ours alone.

    I have now shared it with ONE of my sons, but only one. ha haha

  7. HA! I have a bat signal too! It involves me running around, waving my hands in the air and screaming "BAT BAT!" in a frequency that apparently ONLY bats and dogs can hear because when I'm doing it my dog comes running...Do you happen to know the frequency at which MEN hear???
    I'm partial to Strawberry crush, mmmmm

  8. Very very creative answers!! I especially the one about the first crush!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. The chalkboard answer cracked me right up. Now you never really did that to your teacher, did you? ;v)

    And now I'm craving an orange crush.

  10. O to the M. You are a hoot! By far the best random dozen I have ever read!

    Your answer about snow will make me laugh every time I think of it!

  11. Your answers had me laughing out loud. I'm really sorry to hear that things have gone down hill between you and Snow. I would be MORE than willing to share. Snow seems to think that our relationship is more intimate than I would like it to be. Also, I loved your answer about your first crush. So funny!


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