Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Boyd Christmas

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Day, and I hope you did too.

Our boys were a little excited about Christmas, especially since they got a Wii this year.

After giving them all their other presents, we pulled out the four small, wrapped accessories that came with the Wii. There was one for each of the four younger boys to open. When they realized what they were holding, they went ballistic.

We did manage to get a decent picture of the boys, posing in front of the tree. Behind Nicky's head you can see the huge bow on the tires that Matt got for Christmas. The younger boys got a Wii, the grown up one got tires. How life changes when you enter adulthood!

Terry got the tires Christmas Eve day, and then sat up until 2:00 in the morning, waiting for Matt to go to bed so he could bring them in. For some reason he maneuvered them all the way to the back of the tree. Also on Christmas Eve I wrapped the Wii accessories and told Matt to put them at the back of the tree after the boys went to bed. Matt forgot until Christmas morning. Then he dashed into my room, grabbed the presents and raced downstairs. I knew what he would find if he went behind the tree, so I ran after him shouting, "Wait!" Too late. He got to the back of the tree and came to a dead stop as he realized what he was looking at. He was still surprised by his tires, just not in the way I envisioned.

I got one picture of our tree before all the wrapping paper started flying.

I have no pictures of the absolutely perfect Christmas dinner because I was cooking instead of working the camera. I did have some help though. All the boys drifted in and out of the kitchen by turns. As one finished a job, he would drift away and another came to take his place. I don't think they planned it that way, but it worked out perfectly, and I always had an extra pair of hands when I needed them.

We had friends over for Christmas dinner and just enjoyed eating and chatting together. We played Balderdash (probably the first time in more than a year) and I won. (Naturally.) : ) We also watched G Force. Once you get past the whole guinea pigs as spies thing, it's a cute movie.

The best part of Christmas was being with people we loved. I so missed the ones that couldn't be here, but we did have an absolutely wonderful Christmas Day! I hope yours was great too.


  1. We had a wonderful Christmas, full of family and love. Glad to hear you all did as well!

    I purchased a Wii this year too! My daughter and husband are already hooked.

  2. Hi...:)...My name is Hannah Demastus..I talked with you on the phone before..way back in March 2009. This is so random, but your son wanted me to look at your blog. I couldnt do it at college because they blocked it. Anyways, when I saw your son at reminded me to look at it..Its very interesting and I look forward to reading more...


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