Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Since nothing is going on in my life at the moment other than twelve hour workdays, I thought I'd rerun a little glimpse of my life when--actually, when nothing was happening. This post first appeared on January 21, 2008.

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than losing your remote control for your TV. Our family is so NOT able to function without a remote. We'll wander all around the room, missing part of our program, in order to look for the remote. After all, everybody knows that commercials are louder than shows are themselves. You always have to turn down commercials, and then you have to turn it up again to hear the dialogue on the show or movie you're watching. And who watches just one thing at a time anymore? I never see commercials. I'm always flipping to see what else is on. I've been known to follow two movies at a time, switching back and forth between commercials or when I come to a scene I' don't care for. So our remote is important. The problem is, it disappeared. I figured it probably ended up under the bed. It has before. I'm not sure how it gets there, but the cat does hang out under there, so maybe she's trying it out while we're gone during the day. This time, though, it wouldn't resurface. I looked around here and there occasionally, but it never came up. Then my husband searched through everything, including the box we have in the corner (haven't quite finished unpacking yet) and he couldn't find it either. I know secretly he blames me for losing it. I also know that in reality, he probably lost it. LOL Either way, that thing is gone. One evening this past week, I decided to take the bedroom apart and find that dumb remote. I cleaned and vacuumed and sorted, and still that thing did not turn up. This was getting ridiculous. If you don't want to get up and change the channel when your sitting on a couch, you sure don't want to do it when you're lying in bed! When I finished in the bedroom, I searched the office, the rec room, the family room and even the boys' bedroom. That remote completely disappeared. I finally did the only thing I could think of. I bought another one. Well, I didn't actually buy it. I had a small gift card so I used that. It makes sense to have one that controls the DVD as well as the TV, doesn't it? This was better in the long run. I should have done this a long time ago. But I still miss the original remote. It was easy to use. It didn't have many buttons, and it was (until now) big enough to spot easily when you were looking for it. So I used the new one, but I still mourned the old one. Today I was digging under my bed for a shoe when I noticed something long and dark standing between the bed and the nightstand. You'll never guess. With all the searching we did, I don't know how we missed it, but there was the old remote. So now we have two remotes again. Worse, it was on my side of the bed. In my husband's terms, that means I'm the one that lost it. (I admit, the circumstancial evidence is pretty damaging.)For now I've left it between the nightstand and the bed. I'm not sure I want to resurrect it. Maybe I should plant it on his side. Now there's an option!


  1. what is life without a remote? such a sad existence . . .

  2. Funny post!

    BTW, I just found you over at Nina's and thought I would pop in and say HEY!
    Looks like you have a fabulous life and I'm looking forward to reading more about it!!

  3. Girl, I feel for you! I gotta have my remote in my hand, and I channel change too!

    And yes, I have been known to flip back and forth between two shows to. We are twins!


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