Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Oops and A Wise Man

So I hopped up on the organ bench for church this morning, and almost went shooting off the other end. When someone cleans the church they should never polish the organ bench. Just sayin'.

When watching kids in the nursery, it's clear that different types of kids are experienced with different types of play. Some use toys correctly; some allow their imagination to run free and some allow their inhibitions to run free. But no matter how you play, when you start throwing toys all over the room and trying to upturn furniture, it's time someone put a stop to it. I don't care if you do it at home. You don't do it around me.

Our family sang a special for church last night. We did a fair amount of practicing this week, and while we weren't perfect, I thought we blended well for the most part. However, no one had any comment to make at all after the service was over.

No one said anything.

To any of us.



I'm thinking next time we need to practice more.

Parts were handed out for the children's Christmas pageant. Apparently the director has great faith in my boys' acting abilities because she cast Nicky as an angel (not always!) and Joel as a wise man (more like smart aleck man!)

I'm glad someone sees the potential in my children. I admit they hide it well.

So how was your weekend?


  1. Ha-I'm picturing you sliding across the bench. I'm sure your song was disappointing not to get any comments.

    Perhaps your boys will live up to their roles on stage and in life : )

  2. Love this post. I wish I could've seen you on the bench and heard you all sing.

  3. Worst weekend ever.

    I love that you slid on the bench. :) And I am sure the song was great! I am bad about telling people I enjoyed something.

  4. Nobody said ANYTHING about your song? Holy cow! Tough crowd. I'm giggling at the thought of you flying of the organ bench...sorry. ;-)


  5. Haha...once we polished the organ bench...we thought it was great fun, but the lady that also played sometimes was really mad at us! Lol!


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