Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Without Definite Aim

I know you were probably scared by the title, but don't worry. This is still the weekly Random Dozen. defines random as without definite aim. Not really sure that's accurate, because my aim is to amuse and entertain. Well, you tell me if I hit what I didn't aim at.

1. What insect are you most afraid of? Feel free to post a picture.
I am afraid of insects that are alive. I'm not real fond of ones that are dead either, but at least they're not moving.
2. What is the greenest/most organic thing about you or that you do?
As a human I am 100% organic.
3. Tell me about a recurring dream that haunts you.
I used to have nightmares about spiders when I was a child. See #1.
4. Have you ever missed a flight? What were the circumstances?
We came close to missing our flight when we were moving to Uganda as missionaries. They held us up at check in because apparently they couldn't grasp why a family of eight would have one-way tickets to Uganda. When they finally cleared us, we did a mad dash through the Atlanta airport. We had six children, four of them under the age of five. In a pre-9/11 world, we had sixteen footlockers to check, plus each of us had a carryon. Three of the kids were on kiddie leashes, the youngest was in a carrier on my back, and we had five other people racing through the airport with us, trying to help us get everyone on the plane. By the time we got to the gate, the man that held us up at check in was already there (don't ask me how he got there so fast!), telling us we needed to hurry because we were holding up the plane. Our friends kissed us goodbye and practically threw us on the airplane before it exited the gate. We were so late they'd already gone through all the emergency instructions, and other passengers had already spread out to claim our seats. There was an audible groan when our large family appeared. It was not an auspicious beginning.
5. What do you consider your best feature?
My ability to maintain my estrogen levels in a testosterone-filled world. (I live with my husband and five sons. Believe me, resisting the urge to spit or scratch in public is an every day battle.)
6. What was the last concert you went to?
Steve Green concert. Milwaukee, 1992. I don't get out much.
7. Describe the most embarrassing church moment you ever experienced.
That would be the time I tripped on the platform while the choir sang their opening number. I fell to my hands and knees with my rear end waving at the congregation. 
8. Are you a whistler, hummer or singer?
I've never been able to whistle, much to the amusement of my kids. And I'm not an SUV, although I wouldn't mind owning a hummer. So I guess I'm a singer. Some people may beg to differ.
9. George Washington Carver said, "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in." What is God saying to you through nature today, or this very minute?
Nature is telling me that it's time to go to bed. Or to the bathroom. Maybe it's telling me it's time to go to the bathroom so I can go to bed.
10. On September, 1, 1752, the Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia. What memorable event will take place in your life on September 1, 2010?
My sixteen-year-old will get his driver's permit. My hair coloring will officially give up on the impossible. The second event hinges on the first.
11. Taco Bell or the Liberty Bell? (You must choose.)
I choose Liberty. (It was an easy choice. Our Taco Bell has notoriously bad service.)
12. Do you believe men and women can have purely platonic friendships?
Okay so you have a purely platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex. You begin to relax and let your hair down like you would with any friend. It's even better if you say they're "like a brother". Then one day you wake up and realize that your friend is not, after all, related to you. You find that you're attracted to them in a way you had never imagined. And to make matters worse, you've already let your guard down to the point where they know you better than you know yourself. Sounds like a standard romcom to me!
And now comes the best part of this wonderful world of random. Leave your comment of course, and then click on the donuts at the top of the post in order to read lots of other answers to the random as well. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, copy the questions and answer them on your own blog as well. You don't have a blog? Well what are you waiting for?!?!


  1. oh good luck with that driver's permit...that is my absolute least favorite thing about parenting! But I'm sure yours will do great : )

    This random showed up in my googlereader but when I clicked the link on Mr. Linky it took me to your answers from last week. You may have your old link on Lindas blog.

  2. Driver's test... losing only your hair color would be fortunate...

  3. I laughed out loud several times and almost woke the family! Great list!!

  4. There were a few travel related woes regarding missionary travel this week!

    I admire missionaries, my husband and daughter are very active at our church with missions. The have been to mexico several time. That's not as far away as Uganda, they actually fly into San Antonio and then drive across the border. So very little travel issues with these trips.


  5. Great answers!! Glad I stopped by!

  6. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron


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