Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Presidents' Day Hodgepodge

So we have a slightly chocolate-flavored and patriotic Hodgepodge for this week, but the rules as always are the same. Seven questions and a random thought. Always leave a comment, and then click on the link. So simple that I cannot tell a lie:  there's no reason for you not to participate. Every week you say you want to, so now's your chance. Take a deep breath, square your shoulders and chop down that tree!

1. Your favorite chocolate treat?
Um, hello! Chocolate!

2. What more than anything else makes you feel loved?
Um, hello! Chocolate!

3. Cherries or blueberries?
Um, hello! Which one goes better with chocolate?! (I'm on a roll here.)

4. What is the one trait you most want the leader of your country to possess?
Can I be serious for a moment here? Thanks. I think the two traits that are an absolute must are honesty and the ability to lead. And I think both are in short supply. (I realize I'm getting a little political here, but I didn't ask the question. And after all, this is my blog. You have a different opinion, feel free to give it on your own blog.) : )

5. Are you a saver or a spender?
I save so that I have money to spend. The idea of building up hoards of money to leave to my children doesn't really appeal to me. Sorry, kids!

6. If you gave a party for all of your friends would they already know each other?
I don't know if they'd know each other, but if I'm giving a party for them, they'd better know me pretty well, and they'd better be bringing some pretty impressive hostess gifts. : )

7. Are you interested in antiques?
Yes, but we rarely get to go out because they have to be in bed early.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I work at not being too serious for the Hodgepodge--after all, who can be serious with a word like hodgepodge--but I wanted to give a more realistic answer for #2. I feel loved when my husband is in a crowd of people demanding his attention, and yet he turns and gives me a smile that says he's noticed me. I feel loved when he gives me a card and writes in it that I'm his best friend. I feel loved when he lets it slip that he was looking in my jewelry box to see if the earrings he got me for Valentine's Day were good enough or just like the other jewelry I have. Indiana's a pretty great guy, and he makes me feel loved an awful lot.

Okay, folks, that wasn't so hard, was it? So what are you waiting for? Be serious, be funny. Just don't be silent. Leave a comment and join the Hodgepodge. You're up next!


  1. Cherries with the chocolate...I've never had blueberries with chocolate.
    We tell our kids they're draining the well dry now so not to expect much later : )


  2. So I take it you like chocolate?? I love your "real" answer to #2 very sweet.

  3. Love your answers and I love chocolate too. Sweet random comment!

  4. I agree with your answer to #4

    I see we both like chocolate :)

  5. I'm right there with you on #4! I always enjoy reading your blog!

  6. I love your random answer! He sounds like a keeper too.
    until next time... nel

  7. I think I need to stop by DQ today to get a chocolate covered cherry blizzard. You've inspired me!


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